Pixelord explores the warped ideas behind his new album, CYBERДЯДЯ

The Russian producer breaks down his album track-by-track. 

Pixelord is the alias of experimentalist Alexey Devyanin. Having worn the cloak since his early days making records for labels like Error Broadcast and Leisure System, the Russian producer has always maintained a multifaceted approach to production, exploring the worlds of electro, garage, trap, footwork and more through his twisted lens.

Whilst he’s closely tied to labels like Infinite Machine, Trekkie Trax and Dream Catalogue, it’s his own Hyperboloid imprint where he’s often at his most daring, with his standout 2016 full length Human.exe a product of his cyber-futurist, IDM-influenced dystopian vision.

Hyperboloid is exactly where we find Pixelord today, back with 13 rounds of corrupted club files that plunge him deeper into his own sonic space and swiftly fire shots at any chancers attempting to categorise his music. Devyanin states that CYBERДЯДЯ (Cyber Units) is about the people, about here and now in Pixelord’s life as opposed to the themes of robots and the distant future that carried his previous albums. The result is an album that sees Pixelord collaborate with the rappers of the modern Russian scene, as he dilutes his music with lyrics and the spoken words of the current generation.

Catching up with Pixelord, he details his vision for CYBERДЯДЯ, breaking down the album track by track to highlight the ideas and processes behind each piece. Check below.

1. Пикселорд (feat. Паша Техник)

The first track is like an intro, it’s a song about pixelord, with no real idea or anything, just my friend Pasha Technik (Russian rapper and youtube guy) reads some random phrases in Russian about Pixelord and how Pixelord makes lord out of pixels. It’s kind of a funny tune, starts the whole not so serious mood of the album. The album has a lot of new rap stars from Russia on tracks, but it’s still a meme in itself, a look on the current situation in Russian music, and with my electronic futuristic twist. also I made it to play in clubs more, to make people rave and rap at the same time!

2. Fresh Soft 3500 (feat. i61)

Fresh Soft 3500 is more like a song with some dynamics and ideas. It’s about guy who buys new software and spends 3500 roubles on it, but also it’s about cyber police and cyber control that is happening in the Russian internet. At the same time without knowing what it says you just can rave to it in the club. Definitely gonna play it a lot, good banger and the crowd has loved it every time it’s been tested. I’m shooting a music video for this one.

3. Киберsex (feat. HVZY)

This one is about cyber sex, the guy asks the girl to be with him and stuff like that. Just some trancey party vibe. I think it’s sexy and makes people wanna dance. Featuring my friend Summer Of Haze, he is originally a music maker with his own style, but this time it was his debut as a rapper, he also composed the lyrics.

4. Alien (feat. GONE.Fludd)

Alien is a collab and feat. with russian rap super star GONE.Fludd, we worked with him on his tracks for his album after meeting in the club. Then I asked him to give me some acapellas exclusively, so that’s how this tune happened. I wanted to make something for the dancefloor as well, with just a little touch of his voice. not a rap track but has some good know phrases.

5. Emo Ninja

This is my solo track, nobody featured, it has my voice saying “here and now” in Russian, i used text to speech generator for this and then mixed it with my voice. Works good on stage when I can sing along with the voice. Also lots of trancey influences and distortion.

6. Блабла (feat. Хаски)

Its a really hard one, i didn’t want to mix it properly so it sounds raw, with lots of distortion.Tthe dude Хаски basically sings bla bla bla all the time, which is very ironic because in Russia he is named one of the best rappers according to his lyrics in songs, a modern poet. But this time he wanted to make a provocative track, maybe its about the government or something 🙂

7. Безупречная Вселенная (feat. FOILAR)

This one translates as a ‘perfect universe’. The girl Foilar sings about relationships, space, men and women. I think I made the basic track long before, on Novation Circuit only. Then we found each other and I offered to make some vocals. Worked super fast and easy, that’s how it should be done.

8. Игра

This track translates as ‘game’. I sing here myself, or rap rather. Words go like ‘I don’t sleep at night, because life is a game’. It’s a real story about me, I go to sleep very late usually, and play a lot of video games. I think there is a possibility that life is a game, a simulation. but yet we cant prove it, we know too little this time. Humanity will be surprised more in the future when we start getting to know the whole universe thing. but the track is mainly for clubs, i’m not sure its fun to listen to it at home.

9. Вирт (feat. SP4K)

вирт is translated in Russian, as virtual. The voice says ‘virtual reality, are you ready’ just some club track with a ’90s reference and some synths like in mortal combat. Russian SP4K sent me his voice and I used it here.

10. Контроль (feat. one one)

This track ia called ‘control’. We made it with my friend one one aka Denis. After we talked about life, about acceptance and all kinds of things psychological. He raps about ‘lose control, be yourself, stop trying to control everything, let go of you ego’ thats why i’m trying to achieve and thats why we made this song. The album is about me and my friends currently living here and now.

11. Connect (feat. Eurodeath)

Connect was made online with my friend Viktor aka Eurodeath, his new alias, he originally has a band called Oligarhk, but this time he was just making some synths for me, sitting there in St.Pitersburd, while I was in Moscow. I sent him beats and he sent me some synths, back and forth, we finished it like that. That’s why its called Connect.

12. Район (feat. Archanga)

Pайон means neighbourhood. this is more like a real rap track, big thanks to Archanga for this one, I like his texts all the time. It’s all so positive and offline, about nature, people, health.

13. Final Track

This is like an outro, good emotional ambience with my voice saying random thoughts. I think sometimes albums should end with an outro, the classics. Albums are hard to make, hard to choose tracks, to manage the arrangement, cover art and the whole story. Maybe thats why maybe people just make tracks and release it as single or EP.

CYBERДЯДЯ is out now on Hyperboloid Records.

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