In Pictures: Clock Strikes 13 x Ninja Tune (Part 3)

This year, Ninja Tune reaches its silver anniversary and boss-mates Matt Black and Jonathan More put on a series of parties in Amsterdam, LA, and London in partnership with Clock Strikes 13 to celebrate that achievement and showcase the current roster of artists. The UK-based label and its various offshoots and sub-labels have been a mainstay in UK dance music culture and a staple purveyor of influential releases across the electronic music continuum. South London’s Corsica Studios played host to part three of the festivities on the Saturday. The night was unlikely to disappoint with the likes of Romare, Max Graef and Glenn Astro (among others) holding down the fort.

fLako’s performs live from the stage of room one to a packed room, who for the most part swayed not danced as the artist crooning vocals enveloped themselves around them. That being said the man made sure not to let anyone get too comfortable with snippets of bass-heavy, swung drumwork. Later on, Josey Rebelle was on hand to dish out a series of heavy Techno workouts while Romare’s tribal-infused House numbers made the crowd swap pumped fists, heads down to anything goes.

A leak in the boys toilets (s/o to the Corsica guys who sorted it so quickly) nearly spoiled proceedings in room two but spewing water from the levels above didn’t dent the vibes intimately executed by Berlin boys Graef and Astro. Donned in trackies and beanies, the pair encapsulated bedroom DJ business in its prime. They were playing music to impress each other and in doing so forced the floor to submit to the light-hearted and breezy party selection.

The great thing about label nights is that the people that rock up actually give a fuck about the music. They’re clued up on releases and happily chat endless breeze on a subject they clearly love. With releases like the slow bustling grooves on Romare’s ‘Projections’ or the Funk-infused party bangers on Seven Davis Jr’s ‘Universes’ (a last minute addition to the bill) that subject is definitely Ninja Tune tonight.

Check out a selection of photos from the night below

IMG_5749WIMG_5845A IMG_5915S IMG_5916S IMG_5979AS IMG_6059D IMG_6084DF IMG_6087F IMG_6089DIMG_6110D IMG_6131D IMG_6186SD IMG_6239D

Words: Nick Moore
Photography: Fabrice Bourgelle
Glenn Astro headlines comm•une x Money $ex Records NYE at Dance Tunnel on 31st December – tickets & info HERE
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