Pick-Your-Own: March

As we began to approach summer the amount of quality releases continues to increase apace. March was a month full of noteworthy LP’s and EP’s from all over the board, as evidenced by the wide variety chosen by our writers. Acid, Grime, House, Hip-Hop and even a suprisingly nifty bit of Trance-Footwork crossover are all represented on March’s ‘Pick Your Own’…

Footsie – ‘War Dub 4 (Send For Everyone)’ (Braindead Entertainment)

A throwback to Grime’s war dub fortnight last summer, Footsie’s ‘War Dub 4’ is a bit of a mad one. Not one for following trends, he goes all out with heavy 808 pressure, frenzied bleeps and archetypal soundclash vocals that you could almost imagine Rodigan drawing for. Still the ultimate King Original.

Gage – ‘Telo’ (Crazylegs) 

Barnstorming Grime for the clubs here from talented up-and-comer Gage on Crazylegs. Reminiscent of styles Logos and Mumdance have adopted in recent EPs but hard as nails in it’s own right, the bass line alone is enough to send pint glasses flying. As tough as anything released this year so far.

Tomas Fraser 

Line Cook – ‘Super MT’ (Supply Records) 

Boston’s Supply Records has been churning out quality releases for a fair time now, with 008 constituting the first multi-artist release. And it really does show the strength and depth of the imprint with a nicely varied selection of house cuts. The highlight is definitely the 12″ opener from Line Cook, a smooth Deep House affair, with classic sampled pads and cracking drum programming.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – ‘Piñata’ (Invazion)

I’ve been waiting for this LP for a while and it’s certainly managed to live up to my expectations. The harsh delivery and content of Gibbs’ lyrics may not seem like the most obvious choice for the dusty, beat-up production of Madlib, but somehow it just works. Lead single ‘Deeper’ is the highlight for me, maybe due to familiarity, but I’ve got a feeling this is an album that’s going to reward extensive listens.

Patrick Henderson

Len Faki – ‘Rainbow Delta’ (Ostgut Ton)

The second instalment in Ostgut Ton’s limited edition re-issue series is Len Faki’s ‘Rainbow Delta’, a 2007 masterclass in pumping, melodic Techno. The 12″ flip sees Jerome Sydenham’s equally classic remix going deeper down the rabbit hole into pure sunrise psychedelia. Timeless.

We Buy Gold & Long Clothing Present: ‘Trancework’ (Long Clothing)

A free compilation that turns 90s Trance anthems into 160bpm footwork bullets is guaranteed to split opinion, but with the likes of Chrissy Murderbot, Slick Shoota and DJ Paypal on the credits and an exclusive promo mix in tow from Planet Mu overlord Mike Paradinas, it certainly ain’t no gimmick. Reach for the lazers.

Ed Oliver 

Jay Daniel – ‘Royal Insanity’ (Wild Oats Music)

Jay’s killing it at the moment. Everyone want’s a piece of him and it’s clearly because he let’s the music do the talking. This is my favourite track off of ‘Karmatic Equations’ – it’s one of those melodic sleepers that just creeps up and takes a hold off you. I’m looking forward to swaying to this as the sun goes down in many a well played sets this impending summer. With each listen festival season gets closer and closer.

Floating Points – ‘King Bromeliad’ (forthcoming Eglo)

FloPo is back with that signature sound and it’s better than ever. Once the track kicks in after that field recording at the start it’s just supadupafly infectious. I can’t wait for it to be properly released and hear the other track on there ‘Montparnasse’ which is supposed to be pretty far out according to Alex Nut. On repeat & impossible to beat. Killer!

Conor McTernan

Art Crime – ‘Never Let Go’ (WT Records)

“Mysterious” Russian producer Art Crime absolutely smashes it on this debut release for WT – basically reformulating Detroit house/techno and acid into some peak time DIY bumper business. Never bettered than on the ghostly piano House euphoria of opener ‘Release’ or the pounding keyboard pumper ‘Running Nowhere’ – you can almost taste the MDMA at the back of your throat. There’s some heavy Danny Wolfers vibes at play here, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s all just a ruse created by the master himself.

Dean Blunt – ‘Mersh’ (Rough Trade)

Okay, so strictly speaking this first went up on the last day of February, but wasn’t picked up until a few days later, so I’m banging it in here. Away from the dancefloor, Dean Blunt’s just consistently the best thing about these days – bar none. The ICA/NTS installation is going to be front row stuff for this reviewer, plus I quite fancy spending a bit of time in the man’s front room if that strobe’s anything to go by.

Louis Cook  

Francis Inferno Orchestra – ‘G.A.B.O.S’ (Voyeurhythm) 

The title of this one, borrowed from the acronym for the Thug Life cred0, ‘Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy’, is wryly juxtaposed with the quixotic delights of the track itself. A taster of FIO’s forthcoming debut full length, ‘G.A.B.O.S’ finds the Melbourne producer laying tranquil piano flourishes over a rhythm section that is as indebted to Hip-Hop as it is to 4/4. Coruscating lashings of celestial atmospherics evoke Lone circa ‘Ecstasy and Friends’-a comparison that is most definitely complimentary.

Magic Touch (feat. Sorcerer & Sarah Bates) – I Need The Magic ( 100% Silk) 

Maybe the warmer weather has got my head in a daze, but there’s something about this slice of shamelessly retro Disco revivalism that I can’t help but find irresistible. One half of American Noise duo Mi Ami, Martin Palermo dons his Magic Touch alias for an entire album’s worth of club savvy collaborations, with this one the pick of the bunch of me. The piano loop and Nile Rodgers esque guitar licks aren’t exactly revolutionary but when combined with Sarah Bates’ love lorn cadences and the shoulder shaking bassline, these well worn basic elements combine to push this one towards  Pop perfection. The willfully under-produced aesthetic-‘I Need The Magic’ vaguely sounds as if its being played from some distance away, might irk some, but personally I find the tackiness rather charming.

Christian Murphy 

Mo Kolours – ‘Little Brown Dog’ (One-Handed Music)

Mo Kolours’ debut album is my favourite record of the year so far – it’s joyous! After picking up his last few EPs the expectation for this record was high, but him delivering the goods was never in doubt. With such a well structured album, naturally it’s hard to shine a light on a specific cut but ‘My Little Dog’ is the one for me. What’s not to like about Mo’s blissful tones riding delicately over the top of steel drums and a crunchy off-kilter rhythm. Plus the song is all about his dog. More songs about dogs please.

Luke Vibert – ‘Acage’ (Hypercolour)

Vibert’s back, with his first album since 2009. Over the course of a lengthy career his acidic experiments as Wagon Christ, Plug, Butler Kiev, Kerrier District, Amen Andrews (and all his other aliases) have been carried out on labels such as Ninja Tune, Rephlex, Warp, Planet Mu and Mo Wax. The ‘Ridmik’ LP is a 303-heavy affair, inspired by an archive of recordings he dug up last year from the Bruton Music Library. Track number 6 ‘Acage’ has been getting a lot of plays this month, I could listen to Vibert on a slutty-Acid-Disco tip all day long.

Josh Thomas

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