Patterns talk us through Ryan Elliott’s finest moments ahead of FOCAL

With a strong presence within the Brighton club scene, Patterns strive to create an intimate setting in which to showcase some of the worlds finest dance music from across the spectrum. With a sweaty basement, and shimmering ground floor bar, Patterns continues to act as a beacon of underground taste on the south coast.

Part of the fabric, resident Charles Green has been the club’s resident ever since it opened, honing his craft for moving a room over the years. Along with his own party, First Floor, Green has been called upon to present his take on FOCAL, a new club night for Patterns, where residents invite some of their favourite selectors for an all-night-long session.

Green has invited Ostgut Ton’s Ryan Elliott. The Berghain/Panorama Bar resident is known for bassy techno with an ear for infectious groove, and with Green’s analogue-driven solo work taking cues from Elliott’s productions, this weekends collaboration seems an obvious choice.

Ahead of proceedings we reached out to resident, Green and Head of Programming, Neil Ellis to talk us through their favourite Elliott productions, selections and moments.

Ryan Elliott – ‘Grafton Road’

Charles: The latest release from Mr Elliott and for me the best cut on the EP. Driving drums matched with beautiful synth lines that ricochet around the stereo field during the 6 minute journey. This track really sums up Ryan’s knack for groove, keeping the dancers locked to the floor… No escape!

Neil: I love ‘Grafton Road’ from his recent Ostgut Ton release. I know Charles has always taken a lot of inspiration from Ryan and I feel like this track really pinpoints the choppy analogue sound that he’s currently championing himself. The rest of the EP is cracking as well,

Ryan Elliott – Panorama Bar 06

Charles: Panorama Bar 06 is still one of my favourite official mixes of all time and potentially from all of the excellently crafted Ostgut mix series back catalogue. Selection wise it’s yards ahead in terms of diversity, with a pure understanding for different shades of electronic music within a club setting. You can really hear his experience of being a club resident come through in this mix (plus the Groove Chronicles track was such a nice touch too)

Neil: Ryan’s contribution to the Panorama Bar mix series back in 2014 still stands as one of my favourite recorded mixes ever. It perfectly captures the way he can weave in, out and through genres with the most infectious groove and skill. Only he can mix classic UK Garage into the hard-house sounds of Shed with such class.

Mark Flash – ‘Dark Symphony’

Charles: Ryan power play! Went down a treat when he played at our First Floor party a few years back, which was a memorable night. Detroit in the house.

Nikola Gala – ‘Only’ (Ryan Elliott Remix)

Charles: This remix of Ryan’s for Nikola Gala came during an excellent time during the Rekids journey and was one of my first introductions to him. Around that time it seemed the label was releasing some really pure, non compromise underground music, including this dynamite club cut. I used to play this a lot and it still appears now. For me this track really highlights when a through and through DJ understands dance floor dynamics with subtle yet really effective production. The track floats along continuously with a swirling pad build up, vocal chop and then hits in with those rave stabs to really get people’s attention. The formula is really unique. Clever stuff.

Charles Green presents FOCAL: Ryan Elliott at Patterns 12.10.19.

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