Ones to watch: Tre’Bore

“I really intend to work on being London’s sad rap prince.”

Holding longtime links to Rooftop Collective, Fly High Society and IGLOOGHOST, London producer Tre’Bore has been an active player on the beat scene for a minute now, regularly pulling up at unexpected shows and spinning his footwork and hip-hop influenced productions alongside cats like Kutmah, Blue Daisy, Tim Parker, Sertone and Riz La Teef.

With a ton of unreleased music circulating round the web, it may comes as a surprise that Tre’Bore is only now dropping his debut EP. Titled RIP Sony, the four-tracker comes motivated by the rise of informative technology, and ultimately how ‘sadboi rapper’ Tre’bore finds himself adapting to the change in climate.

Catching up with Tre’Bore in his home city, read on as we learn more on the release and the kid behind the beats.

So for those that don’t know, tell us who exactly is Tre’Bore and what does he stand for?

Well Tre’Bore is literally me. I dunno what else I can say about that really. I’m just going with life lol. However, the name Tre’Bore stemmed from me and my lil bro going back on fourth with an artist name for me. We were brainstorming hella stupid shit that was meme worthy, but then it got deep and I was like, “didn’t everyone used to call dad trebore like the mint? That’s kinda sick”. He just said something like “sick bro” and then I added some more letters.

Tre’bore is my dad’s name backwards without the apostrophe and the E at the end. I thought it was kinda weird at the time, but it makes sense. My dad also makes music and I think seeing his fascination in it really influenced me. He bought an old pc in like ‘06 & I used to rinse DAW like Reason. Unfortunately we lost touch for a few years due to mental illness reeking havoc on my immediate family. However, I still remember the good old days of experiencing life as a kid and that’s why I thought the name was sick. Like no matter what I’m happy to rep it, because the family vibes just live on in the music I make.

Your a London-born beat maker, but your sound could often fit with movements overseas like the beat experiments coming out of LA, where do you find your inspiration comes from?

Yeah you’re spot on man I’m London born and bred. East to be exact. Also beat scene stuff is word to Tehbis. I literally went through the paces learning about the beat scene. I obviously love hip-hop/ rap, so I had to learn about how it’s produced and how it was progressing in LA. Tehbis would play me and my mate Joe traxx in 2011 and it spun us out. Back then we were just studying production. We honestly couldn’t yet master how it was possible to make those sounds, so we had to study it.

A few labels inspired me on the regs. The list includes Brainfeeder, AlphaPup, WEDIDIT COLLECTIVE, Stones Throw & I can’t forget binge watching Knocksteady episodes on YouTube all the time. To be honest I just continued to progress in delving into the genre. I later would find myself super turnt at loads of functions in London vibing dope beat makers live. It was definitely a cult lol. I experienced a lot of the beat scene flourish in London and got to chill with many greats. Shout out Rooftop Collective, Tempo Clash, Sketchbook Radio, NTS Wednesday club & obviously Fly High Society.

How would you describe your sound?

I think I am trying to emulate floating and being ultimately balanced within the universe with my sound. I try to play with light and dark energies scattered through my tracks using synths, drums and vocals. I also suffer pretty badly from anxiety and depression and keeping my energy balanced is hard, but making music helps me to keep my mind focussed. My music is meditation and I like to recreate that feeling of euphoria and having an abundance of space to move, but also feel.

On this EP I immersed myself in my favourite genres that aided my teenage rebellion. Underground emo rap & trillwave was one of my focuses when making this EP. First track pays homage to underground emotional rap lords, SBE, Drain Gang, Goth Money & a sprinkle of OFWGKTA. I guess I can also say I mess with, club, dancehall and jungle a bit, but to be honest my main focus was footwork, when I was making this EP.

The last two tracks are a tribute to DJ Rashad straight up. Without seeing him and spinn live, I don’t think I would have seen or make music the way I do now. I also have to shout out DJ Paypal, DJ Chap, DJ Taye, Kush Jones and Nangdo. These guys’ tracks have always blown my mind and it has always inspired me.

You’ve been on the scene for a while now, but are only now releasing your official debut EP, what’s been the journey up to this record?

Yeah I don’t even know how long I have been staying low key in the scene. I kinda liked it. Just popping up at the odd function and playing unexpected shows when I can, but now I feel like I’m ready to handle the lifestyle properly now and give everything I believe in my all.

I pretty much lost my marbles before writing this EP, I lost sense of myself and honestly felt lost altogether, but working on this EP in silence for the past four years was my therapy and healthy escape. Being able to release it is more than just dropping it for clout. I want people to realise that making things can give you a release from whatever troubles you are going through. Even when I have been super manic or really down I felt like music and art could always save me.

The record is titled RIP SONY. ALL HAIL THE INTERNET & RAPID INCLINE OF INSANITY. Can you explain this one for us?

The EP is a reflection of the global change in the way receive information. Since the 90’s there has been a significant technological change in information access. One that stuck out to me was the move from the age of television into the age of the internet. Since the internet has been created I have felt we have had to adapt to a lot of changes.

I think this technological/ communication change has carried us into an era of uncertainty within ourselves as a species and has produced a lot of damage to the way we conduct ourselves as a human race. I think most of us get sucked in by the internet too easily and we forget about the harsh dystopian society we help to create. However, without the internet this EP wouldn’t have been created and you wouldn’t be able to listen to it. I feel this is a sick example of the juxtaposition we are at with information technology at the moment.

Your a vocalist and a beat maker? Have the two channels always lent themselves hand in hand or did you discover one before the other?

I am not going to lie. I was just a producer before trying to find my sound. It was my little brother, SertOne & Iglooghost who encouraged me to rap. The story is my little brother is a way better rapper than me. He said my raps were good and then SertOne, Gloo and a few others found out and bigged me up. It helped me express myself within the gutter, so I couldn’t give it up and don’t intend to.

Once the dust has settled on your record, what can we expect from you next?

I really intend to work on being London’s sad rap prince. I spent the whole of last year playing new and unreleased rap songs and people are positive about it. I want to take my music global and represent where I am from and everything I have been through.

Hopefully you guys will be able to relate and spread the message of it being possible to create something therapeutic for yourself.

RIP SONY is out now.

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