Ones to watch: Only Ruins

There are certainly no shortage of new labels sprouting up across the music scene, however, Only Ruins is certainly one to watch. Aiming to function as a platform for tracks that work both in the club and for deeper home listening, head-honcho Taylor Richardson (Lorson) has hit the nail on the head with ONRU001, signing up-and-coming talent Syz for a 4 track EP to be released later this month.

The release is truly exceptional and a true testament to both the effort of the label owner and producer. Syz has a unique flare for sculpting captivating drum patterns coupled with, at times, angelic atmospheres. The lead track, which we have here to premiere today, is titled ‘Ethos’.

This piece takes the listener on a journey of sub bass booms and floaty synth lines that jump around in a fun yet purposeful way. We also speak to Taylor about the direction, aesthetic and future of the label, check both out below.

So what is Only Ruins all about? How would you describe the label and it’s direction in terms of music?

I would like the music to be seen as multi purpose, effective both inside and outside of the club. I wouldn’t want to build walls in regards to output but I would also like it to have a natural journey without interference. ONRU001 is most definitely fit for the floor, but that happened organically, hopefully the future holds much more experimental, unproved music.

How did the label come about? Why did you want to start Only Ruins?

It started the same way a lot of independent record labels start, I was and still am a music producer yet couldn’t find a home for the tracks I was making, I was also desperate to form something that I could channel my energy into aside from making tunes. Bristol has a ridiculously fruitful music scene yet some imprints proved quite hard to get through to, I was surrounded by great producers who weren’t getting the light they deserved, same old story really!

There is a very strong aesthetic to the label, is the artwork heavily linked to the artistic direction of the music?

Very much so, our artist Josh (joshgeoghegan) has been an absolute diamond since day 1. We spent the first few weeks discussing our all time favourite covers and various artistic influences we’ve been drawn to over the years and built a shared portfolio just to create some kind of narrative. We hope to create striking art which sits comfortably with each individual release yet at the same time gradually forming an overall look and feel for the label.

What else do you have lined up for the label, are there further releases already lined up you can tell us about?

ONRU002 is going to be by a producer who goes by the alias Unperson, I guess this is kind of an exclusive as I haven’t yet announced anything about that ha! I don’t want to say too much but the bottom line is his sound is disheveled, hard hitting and emotive and I cannot wait for people to hear his release. He’s just self released an incredible 11 track album titled Mnemonic, aside from that I hope to throw some Only Ruins showcases over the summer.

What will Only Ruins be bringing to the music scene in general? How will the output differ from other already established labels?

Quite simply I hope it brings some fresh new sounds to an ever changing sonic world and I want every release to be somehow distant from the previous one without losing direction, that sounds like a massive contradiction but I have faith and you should too.

ONRU001 comes out on limited-press vinyl and digitally June 22nd, preorder here.

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