Nur Jaber: Studio talk

Growing up playing the drums and bass guitar, it was the move to Berlin that ignited Lebanon-born artist Nur Jaber’s love for house and techno.

Gaining exposure as a resident at the ‘STAUB’ parties, Nur Jaber has developed a DJ performance that comes accompanied by live vocals and 909 drums, more recently featuring at heavyweights like Reaktor in Amsterdam, 5001 Festival, Tresor, Berghain, as well as a recent Boiler Room performance.

Her debut album If Only – A State Of Peace, out on her own OSF imprint, diverges from the club and heavier themes that she’s known for, instead exploring the worlds of IDM, ambient and classical. Made with a Nord Lead 4, TR-09 & her vocals, the album defines her as one of techno’s most versatile new talents.

Open to sharing her work environment and tools, we requested an invite into her studio, where she discusses the pieces most central to her creation process.

1. Stories through The Nord Lead 4

This is where all the magic happens for me. This is where all my emotions & stories come out. I start creating here on the Nord. Everyday is a new set of chords & a new wave of melodies come out. I can sit for hours playing and writing. I’m currently taking lessons again as I would like to get stronger in Piano. The Flint Strymon is the perfect match to the Lead – It adds this warm feeling to it that makes it more alive. I always end the session with the mic. I use my vocals as an instrument, through hums, whispers & sometimes words that kind of makes the whole process like a conversation; a question & answer, most of the times leaving me satisfied.

2. TR-09 Drum Machine

My work feels unfinished without the TR-09. It helps bring all the drum patterns into life. I use this to recreate the paradiddles I learnt during my drum courses at Berklee College of Music in Boston. It just makes me feel more in touch with the bases of it all and it exercises my brain to recreate & focus.

3. H4n Zoom Recorder

I call this the Master of the night. This is my Jewel. I carry it in my bag to parties, late night adventures with friends & strangers, long walks in Nature and long talks at coffee shops. It’s always at these special occasions that I’m able to capture the best moments and the most inspiring conversations. I love coming back home and dissecting each sample. It’s like opening a treasure box, you never know what might come out of it!

4. Fender 60’s Precision Bass Guitar

This Bass guitar was my fathers’. He used to play in a band when he was younger but his father didn’t approve of it at all. So my dad kind of stopped playing and he hid the guitar in a closet that literally survived bullets from the war. He then handed it down to me when I was 14. Thinking about it now, this bass represents a kind of an approval from my dad and his way of asking me to live his dream too.

If Only – A State Of Peace is out now on OSF. 

Order it here.

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