NSDOS: Studio talk

French artist NSDOS is the innovative artist who works simultaneously on dance, music and digital art.

Fascinated by the link between music and new technologies, Kirikoo Des aka NSDOS often creates his own futurist instruments, dismantling old audio converters, Gameboy emulators, pieces of metal and welding them together to form surreal audio machines.

A huge admirer of the avant-garde Dada and lettrism movements, NSDOS is a ‘techno hacker’ whose mutilation of sound is also organic, placing sensors on insects and trees and transcribing their movements into noise.

His latest two-part album, Intuitionfollows EPs for the likes of ClekClekBoom Recordings and Standalone Complex. Recorded whilst staying in Alaska, NSDOS probed the surrounding natural elements to transform them into sounds and textures, ultimately breaking the boundaries that separate genres and placing techno as a matrix. 

Speaking with the Parisian artist, NSDOS invited us to take a closer look at some the machinery he uses to craft his sound. Take a look below and watch a video of him explaining how he works his “Niakaby MS 1” sound station.

1. Yamaha Teroni

Tenori by Yamaha is my first piece of gear still alive since I first started producing music. I got it because I was a big fan of the electro plankton. The TO is a synth and a step sequencer, I love the sound design. It’s perfect for live sets, it’s a masterpiece.

2. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

The Pocket Operator from teenage engineering is a tiny synth sequencer and it’s next level. I’ve got them all, I always have one with me, I can jam everywhere, but it scares people when I’m sat at the airport lol.

3. Dadamachines

Dadamachines is my new piece of gear. It is an automat, its able to make music with physical objects.

4. Teenage Engineering OP1

Op1 from Teenage Engineering is a foundation of my music. Easy to travel with, I love using the element mode or using the LEGO mind storm with it.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro

With the Surface Pro from Microsoft I can run Usine by sensomusic or Isadora, both of them are programming patch softwares.

6. iPad apps – Samplr and Borderlands

There are 2 apps that I use with an iPad: the Samplr and Borderlands. To make music with these on a train or a plane is a pleasure. I don’t see the time pass, it’s like a sound laboratory and a visual stimulation.

7. Mobil Studio in Alaska

Intuition Vol. 2 is out now on Upton Park Recordings. 

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