Nightwave profiles the Detroit wizardry that helped inspired her sound

One thing Nightwave isn’t, is boring. There are more than a few superlatives to describe the storming atmosphere her sets generate, often blending ambient into hard hitting techno and low-slung electro. The Slovenian’s output has seen her fire shots on labels like Unknown To the Unknown, Fabric, Ministry of Sound and her own label Heka Trax.

Psychic Tonic, her fiery new club EP on DEXT limited will fit nicely into her list of tracks she can play to stoke a dancefloor. The A side is a crazed breakbreat rhythm with slamming hi-hats and pinchy synths; that when coupled with the vocals reaches to the worlds of gospel techno. The B-side edit by Super Rhythm Trax’s Jerome Hill distorts and adds to the tune creating another atmospheric stomper.

When asked to reflect on her sound, the Glasgow based producer states that, “Detroit music has a very special place in my heart, it got me into techno 20 years ago and I’m still a complete geek for it.” In celebration of her new EP, we asked her to run us through ten of  the Motor City’s finest moments, picking out the sounds of Drexciya,  Kenny Larkin, Mad Mike and Robert Hood on the way.

1. Drexciya – Aqua Worm Hole

I’ll get this out the way first, it’s impossible for me to pick my fav Drexciya/James Stinson related tune but I’ll go for Aqua Work Hole as it’s so full of beauty and takes you on a fantastical journey. James Stinson was a genius and his music changed my life like no other. I called my cat Stinson too haha

2. Model 500 (Juan Atkins, Mike Banks, DJ Skurge, Mark Taylor) – Night Drive

Juan Atkins is amazing with basslines, this one and No UFO’s are proper heritage tunes.

3. Perception & Mad Mike – Windchime

This one fills me with joy, I started my Sonar 2012 set with this and it’s still my most memorable set to this day. You can really hear Mad Mike’s mastery of chords and emotions.

4. Mr De’ – Sex on the beach

Unsung Detroit hero, responsible for so many great tunes but in my opinion doesn’t get the recognition he deserves! His stuff is full of soul, funk and sexiness but not in the full on Chicago way. I play Detroit Zoo, Friday night and this track all the time.

5. UR – Final Frontier

One of my fav electro tunes on UR, space travel. Mad Mike played this at La Cheetah in Glasgow and I just started crying haha

6. Kenny Larkin – Azimuth

Kenny Larkin is a genius. Master of melodies, his music is always full of emotion, slow rush of euphoria after steady build up. So many brilliant tunes, I picked Azymuth because, such a classic and so energetic.

7. Rhythm is Rhythm – Strings Of Life

Obviously have to include this one. I played after Derrick May once, he signed my record and twisted my arm for a laugh. Some guy!

8. Starski & Clutch – East to West

I feel it’s important to mention the jit/ghettotech side of Detroit, Databass has a cult status in my book. Fast and fun. DJ Assault, Godfather, Erotek…

9. Mad Mike – Illuminator

Dare you not to get goosebumps within the first few bars! Mad Mike once again with his emotional wizardry. I sometimes play the Transition acapella over this for full on dance floor emo rush.

10. Robert Hood – Detroit One Circle

Have to mention Robert Hood of course, king of hypnotic loops and minimalism.

11. Jeff Mills – Berlin

Finishing off with the legend Jeff Mills, I picked ‘Berlin’ off ‘Waveform Transition 1’ because it’s one of the first tunes that inspired me to DJ, think it was actually the first tune I learned to mix (not very well). I love the energy in this track, a lot of Mills stuff is a bit gentler but this just destroys everything.

Psychic Tonic is out February 8th. You can buy it here.

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