Neue Grafik: Ten Influences of Innervision

Neue Grafik is the latest addition to the Rhythm Section International roster. Combining broken-beat London rhythms, African percussion elements and the slightly more considerate Parisian house music sound, his aesthetic is certainly considered an eclectic fusion of his roots. Launching his collaborative label VERTV with Hybu and Snave in 2016, they have championed the likes of Rafiki, Monomite and Mad Rey.

With releases on 22a Music, Wolf Music and S3A under his belt, the Paris born producer now steps up to the plate with his debut Rhythm Section release entitled Innervision. The record comes about following a long-time relationship between himself and Rhythm Section owner Bradley Zero after meeting back in 2016. Neue Grafik’s approach to creating this record took him down a much more live instrumentation route than in the past. This, combined with his movement focused style, creates an ensemble of tracks that are guaranteed to get you moving.

We caught up with him to find out 10 of the tracks that influenced him whilst creating Innervision.

1. Kimiko Kasai – Tell Me A Bedtime Story (1979)

A beautiful song that I learned to play last year at this period, one of my favorite Herbie’s composition.

2. Last Poets – Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution (1970)

The lyrics, frenetic rhythm, and the message of the song, it’s real street poetry.

3. Milton Nascimento – Beijo Partido (1975)

When I was creating this EP, I listened in loop Milton Nascimento’s album, Minas. Everything in this album is incredible. And this song is a perfect representation about what I love in this album.

4. Kaidi Tatham – Do What You Gotta Do (2008)

Matter of fact, the groove of this track totally gets me! Simple and complex at the same time (you can hear a kind of double time feeling in the song, and the chord progressions are sick!). All the Kaidi’s know-how in less than 3 minutes.

5. Kode 9 & The Spaceape – The Cure (2011)

Mysterious, and dark Spaceape’s lyrics , on this weird futuristic beat. Since 7 years this song has been somewhere in my personal track lists, Spaceape was a last poet of his generation. Rest In Peace.

6. Baden Powell – Tempo De Amor feat. Marcia De Sousa (1969)

Composition, voice, lyrics, rhythm just a synthesis of my taste.

7. McCoy Tyner – Malika (1970)

Spirituality and free structure, an incredible song, from the album Asante. McCoy Tyner is one of my favorite piano player, it was really hard to select a track, but this one was a real inspiration when I was on the EP.

8. Busta Rhymes – Everything Remains Raw (1996)

This one and ‘Still Shining’ are two tracks from my favorite Busta Rhymes’ album ‘The Coming’, I began a lot of DJ sets with one of them last year.

9. 30/70 – Slangin (2017)

Perfect, no comment.

10. Malik Flavor – Dayscape (2004)

A Madlib’s side project from another Madlib’s side project hahahah. With The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble’s album, one of my favorite tune and album of the Yesterday New Quintet period.

Innervision EP is out 16th March 2018 via Rhythm Section International.

Pre-order here.

Featured Image: Isabelle Clarençon

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