Nervous Horizon: Club Pressure

Created and organised by producers TSVI and Wallwork, Nervous Horizon is slowly becoming a defining imprint in the ever growing London expanse. With their Volume 2 compilation released earlier this summer, the collective are constantly building a heavyweight name for their UK inspired sound.

Their back catalogue includes a bulk mass of low toned stompers and experimental slammers, with releases from the likes of Second Storey, DJ Missdevana and their latest contributor Lokane, whose WINGS EP moves away from the club orientated constructions and transcends the uniqueness of sound design in the increasing instrumental scene.

On Friday December 15, the Nervous Horizon crew will be taking over The Camden Assembly for a intimate showcase, which is bound to keep the heat flowing. Joining head honchos TSVI and Wallwork on the night are extended family members Lokane, Llyod SB and Luru.

Ahead of the show, we asked the guys for a range of cuts most important to the label’s ethos, with selections from Dj Missdevana, Second Storey and many more.

1. DJ Missdevana – Brass

Timeless club track, it hasn’t left our DJ sets since we discovered her last year!

2. TSVI – Parade

Pounding percussive track with a catchy swing.

3. Lokane – Visions

Taken from his Nervous Horizon debut EP, Visions is another percussive hard hitting track with a futuristic twist that will leave you disoriented.

4. Lloyd SB – Boida Flare

One of the best tracks we ever released on Nervous Horizon, we were super gassed when Kode 9 first played it on BBC 1 last year. Also remember playing this track two years ago in Berlin and people went nuts (TSVI)

5. Wallwork – Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is like a robot talking directly to you!

6. TSVI & Lorenzo BITW feat. Nico Lindsay – Storm

Released in may last year, this was our first attempt to put an MC over a funky beat. The result is an hypnotic tropical banger ready to destroy dance floors.

7. Luru – Lazer

This was definitely a highlight from our latest V/A that came out in July; a functional bubbling/funky inspired track that works every time.

8. Wallwork & RZR – Don’t Panic

Our first ever release, hardcore inspired breaks with a pounding kick underneath.

9. Lokane – Body Double VIP

The original was already a belter, Lokane took it to the next level with this VIP, adding distortion and a crazy amount of space.

10. Second Storey – Sludge 3D

Tight production Sludge 3D was written while Second Storey was living in the same warehouse space as TSVI. The drop at 3 minutes is absolute madness! For peak time play only.

Nervous Horizon take over The Camden Assembly for a label showcase on December 15. More info here

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