Muscut: 8 tracks of ‘hauntology’

Dive into the sounds of experimental Ukraine label Muscut. 

Slow Dance has teamed up with Muscut and will bring them over to the UK for a label showcase on the 22nd of March. The Ukrainian based imprint has been supporting the avant-garde and leftfield scene in their country since 2012.

The music they’ve released could come out of a California surf shop, or Pulp Fiction, though it is distinct. Dubby, jazzy and oddly off-kilter, this music slots into days that are too hot and slightly uncomfortable; it would fit better in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas than any realist representation of the American West.

The label boss is Dima Nikolaienko. His concept of ‘hauntology’, the idea of “phantom nostalgia for the unrealised variants of the future”, is the idea that Muscut’s philosophy is based around, as well as the upcoming Slow Dance party.

Taking place this Friday at Studio 9294 in Hackney. Muscut will serve up similar sounds from London based artists alongside their own crew. To celebrate their first ever London show, we caught up with them and asked them to share a collection of music from artists inside their circle. With sounds from Chillera, Yuri Logovskoy and OL, read on below.

1. Yuri Lugovskoy — Track 1 (2012)

The mysterious musician from Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. I’ve been trying to contact him for some new recordings a few times recently, but unsuccessfully.

2. Indirect — Waltz (2014)

Indirect is a band from Odessa, Ukraine. One of their rehearsal studios was located at the abandoned Soviet drugstore “Apteka №326”, with a beautiful stained glass window (depicted on the album cover ). Many hours spent in there practising and recording have become six tracks album Ab Pharmacy (Latin for “from the pharmacy”).

3. Pavel Milyakov — Mondjazz (2015)

A friend from Moscow, whom I’ve met on Soundcloud way ahead before Muscut appeared.

4. Indirect meets Nikolaienko — Miracle (feat. Bryozone) (2016)

A few years later we teamed up with Odessa band Indirect again this time to record a collab album Ode To The Sea. We also invited some of our friends-artists such as Alex Volusunov (ex Fleischesmarkt) and Bryozone (future Chillera) to take specific parts.

5. Papiro ‎— Automare (2017)

We met with Marco in Zurich in 2016 when we both played and warmed up the venue for Space Lady. A year later we released the record Automare.

6. Chillera — SCHAX (2017)

First label’s “girl-band” from Odessa, currently my fav Ukrainian group. This year we are going to release their second 7″ record called “Profan”.

7. Wrong Water — Inlander (2018)

First time I’ve noticed Yevgeny “Flaty” (St. Petersburg) on Gost Zvuk with his debut EP as AEM Rhythm Cascade. Lately, in 2017 we met in Kiev when we organised an event together with UK friends — 12th Isle’s Fergus Clark and Disco Ma Non Troppo’s Daniel. That was fun. In half a year after that, we released his “Dozen” LP.

8. OL — Wrap Critics (2019)

And the latest release — Oleg Buyanov’s (Moscow) Saigon Special Room 7″. Just love the artist’s record description:

On a hot summer day, you enter the main hall of a well-known local Vietnamese restaurant. The noise of the visitors’ voices merges with the national music playing in the background. All seats are occupied in the hall and the polite staff takes you to a separate room where the atmosphere of calm and comfort prevails. Beautiful interior, cool air and soft light conducive to relaxation. Exotic dishes and drinks allow you to fully enjoy the authenticity. Far away in the distance voices from the main hall are now barely audible, you are in anticipation of a great evening.

Slow Dance x Muscut takes place March 22 at Studio 9294.

More info and tickets here.

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