Mungo’s Hi Fi: Soundsystem culture

The Glasgow posse share soundsystem stories from the road. 

Many things to many people, simply put Mungo’s Hi-Fi are the most authentic Reggae experience to be found outside of the Caribbean. Whilst the idea of a group of Glaswegians attempting to channel the spirit of Jamaica’s finest export may have seemed unusual at first, the collective have built up a hard earned reputation as high quality practitioners of the form since they started out in 2001. With a host of LP’s and countless dubs churned out on both their own Scotch Bonnet imprint and a range of other labels, they’ve attracted a dedicated following to gigs around the world – performances which see their high energy stylings matched up by the all mighty low end of their beloved custom built rig.

Fresh off the release of their collaboration album with UK vocalist Eva Lazarus, a 10-piece LP of bassweight stylings from every angle of the dance, the Glasgow crew now head in the direction of North London’s Finsbury Park, as they perform at Hospitality In the Park as part of the Outlook Festival camp with Mala, dBridge, Jehst and more.

Ahead of the festivities, we catch them for a minute to take a trip down memory lane as they share some of their favourite moments on the road.

Soundsystem 2001 Kelvingrove Park

One of the oldest existing photos of Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem. I believe it was a Mayday anti-capitalist demonstration that traditionally ended up in the park, and somehow we got away with driving in with the van and a generator and playing music.

The picture shows an early incarnation of the soundsystem we had cobbled together – I was just falling over some of these speakers which still linger in our warehouse this morning, and saying, again, that we really ought to get rid of them. Our friend Peppy Tropicana is on the decks, and the baby on the box now comes to our dances as an adult.

Rig and the crew

Recent shot of Doug, Craig and Tom in front of the rig.

Dubcamp soundsystem crew 2019

We just posted this photo recently, and I really like it cos Jerome and Craig had such a brilliant young team posse with them who all travelled from Scotland for Dubcamp in France, which is becoming number one in the world for dub music played on soundsystems. © David Gallard

The Rig in its natural habitat

The current rig in its natural habitat in Scotland

Glastonbury Festival

The rig at the Blues Stage in Glastonbury festival.

Glasgow Sessions

Soundsystem session in Glasgow.

Little John at Alexandra Park

Little John performing on the soundsystem in Alexandra Park in Glasgow.

Mayday protests

Another mayday protest, this time with the bus we got for touring around Europe.

Melbourne gig with Tom Spirals

This one is from a night in Melbourne this January, where we were playing with Tom Spirals!

Track is by Schlachtofbronx – Dun dem (Zamzam)

Catch the crew at Hospitality In The Park on September 21st. 

More info and tickets here

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