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Running Gobstopper Records alongside club night and label Boxed LDN makes Mr. Mitch a busy man. When he’s not keeping the two imprints ticking or spinning some records on his Rinse FM residency, Mitch, real name Miles Mitchell, eventually finds the time to step in the studio and craft up some forward-thinking beats. Since his first release in 2010 on Subdepth Records, Mitchell has found his own individual sound, falling somewhere between the boundaries of grime, hip-hop and club music. Two standout albums on Planet Mu – 2014’s Parallel Memories and 2017’s Devout – thrust the Londoner into the spotlight, and saw the producer collaborate with grime MC P Money on the track ‘Priority’, a tune combining icy synths with through-provoking, emotive bars.

It’s been four years since Mitchell last released on his own imprint, Gobstopper Records. October 26th, however, marks his return as his latest EP Primary Progressive is set to drop. The EP sees the producer return to the dance floor with five tracks of dancehall-inspired composition. Adding a futuristic spin onto classic styles, Mitchell proves his ability to provoke and hypnotise once again. We caught up with the London-based producer to find out some of the tracks that influenced him as a producer, DJ, creator and human.

Operahouse Production – Version Fig Leaf

I connect with 90’s Dancehall more than any other era as it was what I listened to the most passively as a kid. Reconnecting with it as an adult it was this vibe that I wanted to recreate in a new way.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Black Snow

I wasn’t sure about putting my voice on this EP, as I was questioning my relationship with Autotune. Hearing this record made me fully full back in love with it and made me feel confident enough to carry on with what I had started.

Oli XL – Mimetic

After the instrumental grime wave hype and press stopped caring as much I found that a lot of producers stopped experiment as much with their tracks. I took me a while to file people pushing music in new ways that made sense to me. This track has enough pop sensibilities mixed with underground weirdness that make it a perfect track, it definitely inspired me as a DJ to keep digging and find that thing that I was missing.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – solari

I don’t care how bait it is, I will probably include Sakamoto in every “influences” list I will ever do. I had the async album on a lot when I was touring last year and it fully reset my brain. Whenever I would get inside my own head in the creation process I would listen to this and remind myself that my music doesn’t have to be anything other than beautiful to me.

Mr. Mitch – The Lion, The Bitch and The Bordeaux

I know its a bit weird to include my own track in an influences piece but it’s more in relation to the visuals. I created the visuals independently of the track and it created a whole new meaning for the track. Something that I hadn’t actually intetionally touched on before or since, the video for this track inspired the track “Show Me” and in turn inspired the title of the EP.

Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier

Dance music to me as I was growing up was not “Dance Music” it was whatever made you dance, which was Michael Jackson at first, and then rnb and hip hop and then eventually Garage and Grime. I really discovered Techno as an adult. It had always been alien to me before, it had no soul and was repetitive and made by people I couldn’t relate to so I naively dismissed it. It wasn’t until I dug into its origins that I discovered its soul and found out that its originators viewed the music in the exact same way that I had viewed grime. As a truly experimental and progressive genre. This track blew me away the first time I heard it the same way I imagine it did when people first heard it in 1991.

Wookie – Back Up Back Up Back Up

Wookie was probably my favourite UK producer (alongside Sticky) when I was 11/12. His ability to create soulful music that made you dance was always inspirational. Plus, as a nerd I was always a fan of snares.

Primary Progressive is out now on Gobstopper Records.

Buy it here.

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