Moscoman: Studio Talk

Since his first release in 2013, Moscoman’s profile has been constantly on the rise. Hailing from Tel Aviv, his productions have landed via the likes of ESP Institute, Correspondant, I’m a Cliche and Eskimo Rec, whilst in 2015 he introduced label Disco Halal to the masses, reissuing kaleidoscopic fragments of found Middle Eastern sounds and bringing forth collaborations with friends Red Axes and Krikor.

Currently based in Berlin, Moscoman blends elements of techno, new wave and house with the sounds of his native Middle East, demonstrating a unique ability to reshape obscure musical movements for the modern day dance floor via both his productions and DJ sets.

His latest four-track effort, Wave Rave, marks a debut on DJ Tennis’ Life and Death label, and again sees the producer demonstrate an ability to create an emotional pull through unorthodox methods.

In celebration of the release, we catch up with Moscoman in his home studio, as he runs us through some of his favourite pieces of gear to get loose with. Have a peek below!

1. Gibson Les Paul 2004 White Electric

I was walking in the streets of Tel Aviv and I saw it in the window of some vintage gear shop. I always wanted a Gibson and this was really different from anything I saw before, still tothis day I’ve never seen the same one. I checked around a bit it was a one off guitar made for some nashville expo, sounds amazing and one of a kind! You can find it in most of my music.

2. Roland Space Echo RE-201

No surprises here, one of the best things ever made. I used to run every sound through this tape, if only for the compression itself. It’s a very specific sound that I love.

3. Roland MS2000

Aka my first synth, a great emulator of the ms20 and more. It’s a VA so it sounds really good in the mix, I probably used it the most when I started to produce. That said, I still use one of the bass presets constantly.

4. Roland Saturn 09

Full disclosure…somebody fooled me and I bought it thinking it’s another string machine BUT then I realised that most of my fave music was made using this synth. So the joke’s on them!

5. Casio DG20

I never recorded it, I just like looking at it. I’m a big Flight of the Conchords fan, since they featured it I always wanted one. I just saw it at a shop and bought it, works great though. Bret/Jemaine if you’re after a remix hit me up!

Wave Rave is out now on Life and Death. 

Buy it here

Featured Image: Nuphar Blechner

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