Mor Elian spotlights her favourite disc jockeys on the scene

The journey of Mor Elian has been an interesting one. Having called Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and Berlin home over the years, the globetrotting producer has been exposed to a variety of societies, people and places. Performances the world over, at scene-leading venues such as De School and Panorama Bar, have no doubt cemented Elian’s reputation as a master DJ capable of catering to any crowd. This variance is reflected in her output, characterised by alluring and intriguing styles, with each track bringing something new to the table. Her latest EP, Move Like Atoms, embodies this diversity.

Off the back of releases on Hypercolour, Delft and Radio Matrix, the ecclectic producer returns to her own imprint for the second time. Co-running the label with Rhyw of Cassegrain, her latest release is full to the brim with left-leaning electro goodness. ‘Dossgrove’ rumbles with dense percussion, whilst ‘Move Like Atoms” syncopatic breaks exert unparalleled energy. On the flip-side, ‘Russian Wave Group’ bears an ethereal, dream-like complexion, demonstrating another string to the producer’s bow. Finally, the mystic and spooky ‘Agora’ concludes the release in fine style.

Over the course of the year, Elian has played at numerous clubs all over the world, thus spinning records alongside a whole host of other pros. Here are some of her favourites, both familiar and unknown…

“Here are my fave DJs at the moment- I thought I would highlight some that deserve a lil shine, rather than the bigger and more known ones”.

1. Jen Ferrer

True LA gem and a great DJ, hosts a show on Dublab , which was home for my radio show for over 2 years.

2. Anna Haleta

Tel aviv’s best kept secret, lovely human, and a real Veteran DJ!

3. Jimmy Maheras

My partner at the Into The Woods parties and a solid producer/ DJ, Mr Jimmy Maheras

4. Rhyw

The other half of my label Fever AM, and half of Cassegrain. Rhyw is an incredible DJ as shown in this mix below!

5. Amichay Matyas

Another Tel Aviv fave, a true head and digger, with years of experience:

6. Cormac

I first met and heard Cormac when i played before him in Panorama Bar, He absolutely smashed it and alongside being a great DJ, is also a wonderful human being. Proof below!

7. Stevie Cox

I met Stevie who is a resident of the Pretty Pretty Good Parties in the UK and was very impressed. I see her going very far!

8. Breakwave

Liverpool staple Breakwave has some killer mixes on NTS, and she also killed it in Liverpool when i saw her last month!

Released as a 12″ with hand-printed sleeves, or as a digital download, you can grab your copy of Move Like Atoms here.

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