Moomin: Roots in jungle

Moomin produces warm and heartfelt house music that’s got a laid back, wholesome vibe to it: more apt to be shared among friends at a house party, than blasted at a crowd in a festival dance-tent. With two highly-lauded LPs on Smallville and a series of releases and remixes on Aim, Freerange, Watergate Records and his own label Closer, his understated, subtly grooving beats have made a lasting impression DJs and music fans alike.

The German producer has so far remained comfortably within the realms of 4/4, mid-tempo house music, developing a substantial catalogue and a recognizable style that’s all his own. For his latest record, Yesterday’s Tomorrows, Moomin looked for inspiration in other genres that have always had a place in his heart, but never found their way into his music: he’s incorporated influence from hip-hop, jungle and drum ‘n bass, a logical next step for a producer whose music is shot through with the warmth and fuzz of vintage drum machines, and crafted from hard-sought samples.

The record is still grounded in the homespun house that Moomin is known for, but takes frequent detours into grainy hip-hop (‘949494’) and faster tempos (‘Into The Woods’, ‘Move On’) that manage to retain his signature sense of poise and placidity despite the high-energy percussion. Following its release, we caught up with Moomin to get an insight into the jungle & d’n’b tracks that inspired this foray into new sonic territories.

1. Peshay – Piano Tune

This track still gives me goosebumps. It was the last track on “James Lavelle – Cream live vol.2“ which I was listening to over and over in the mid ’90s. It is a real timeless mix and you should check it out!

2. Calibre – Archive

When it comes to jungle / dnb parties, I really was the first and the last one on the dance floor. I’ve been to big raves, illegal raves in bomb shelters with sticky air and plenty of clubnights in my life. Jungle / dnb, for me, is the best music to dance to.

3. DJ Zinc – Ska

Claaassssiiiicccc… Reeeewind pleaeese!

4. Renegade – Terrorist

And another classic

5. Ed Rush and Optical – Alien Girl

I’d love to play Quake World. This track, a duel on DM2 and it was hard to beat me 😉

6. MI5 – Experience

Let’s get a bit more chilled. This one is a classic played mostly by LTJ Bukem.

7. Alix Perez & Amp – Sabre

I think this was the first time I heard from Alix Perez. Really digged his style back then (and still do).

Yesterday’s Tomorrows is out now on WOLF Music Recordings.

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