Mina: 9 essential dance videos

London DJ and producer Mina is back with a new project this month, the follow-up to last year’s brilliant self-released Satellite EP, and the Kabala EP for Enchufada. Now she returns to the Lisbon label on May 12 with a blazing five-tracker, Sentah.

Melding the sounds of Afrobeats, dancehall, UK funky and all kinds of syncopated floor rhythms, the EP was inspired by Mina’s travels in Ghana and welcomes a collaborator to every track, including local MCs and producers Bryte, Gafacci and Cratus. Peruvian vocalist Nané and Italian producer Lorenzo BITW also feature, resulting in a collection of tracks that merge a medley of global club sounds.

Ahead of release next week, Mina now highlights the power of dance with nine unmissable videos that span a 1989 illegal rave soundtracked by Frankie Knuckles to the Reis Fernando-choreographed dance routine for DJ Tjaey’s remix of Grizzy and M Dargg’s track, ‘Look Like You’.

Speaking of the selection, Mina says in an email: “So even though I’m not amazing at it, dancing is one of the things that brings me the most joy in the world. I occasionally get lost down the YouTube hole of dance videos, so I’ve decided to pick out a few of my faves.”

1.Reis Fernando | LOOK LIKE YOU | Grizzy x M Dargg AFRO Remix by DJ Tjaey

This video is the first time I heard this track and I instantly knew it would pop off in the rave. The choreo is great and super high energy.

2. Kid Dancing To Madonna’s ” Vogue”

Iconic… also makes me happy to see a young person expressing themselves so freely and with so much confidence.

3. AfroNation™ | One Dance Remix by SAYS’Z Dance Conver by dentora

Dentora’s hips do not lie, he has so much control and precision in his movement. He often does really beautiful duets with some great female dancers.

4. How to Dancehall 1 – Bogle

So, embarrassing disclosure, I have been known to watch dance tutorials alone in my room and practice the moves. This used to be one of my favourites, their outfits are amazingly 2010 and I love the Dutch descriptions of the moves.

5. Laure Courtellemont RAGGAJAM DANCEHALL – Miss faty Choregraphy

Laure Courtellemont is incredible, me and my friends used to be obsessed with this video. The choreo is tight and hits every beat.

6. Parris in Paris | FRENCH QUEENS

I love everything about this video, the way it’s shot, the track, and the dancers are amazing.

7. Janca J & Blaya | The One Connection & Buraka Som Sistema | AfroÐigital ← | Kuduro

I have seen Blaya perform live and her energy and power is another level. Her style; afro-dance, is super high energy with incredibly fast footwork.

8. 1989 UK Illegal Rave, Frankie Knuckles Your Love

Bit sad that I missed out on this era, the best thing about it is that it was before mobile phones so NO ONE is on Snapchat, everyone is just dancing and enjoying the moment.

9. Kid Hilariously Dances to ‘Cuban Pete’ at Public Swimming Pool

I defy you to find a video that reflects the joy of dancing more than this one!

Sentah is out May 12 on Enchufada. Pre-order it here.

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