Meet The Talent: Dub Organizer

Following our feature on UK funky pioneer Cooly G’s new dub Organizer, we take a look at the roster of talent she’s put together.

Kismet, IC & Feva:
Kismet is possibly the most recognised of the Circle collective, made up of himself, Feva, Tippa and IC, due to his Rinse CD earlier this year, which saw him bring a more mature, deep house leaning sound to the normally upfront series, mixing up the likes of Wbeeza and IC with Thomas Schumacher and 2000 And One. His shows on Rinse FM provide the very slickest of skills with an ear for breaking talent and European-to-US house, whilst his production work takes in a winning formula of classic house sounds with a real electro bump.

Providing a more open-ended, global view of the house scene, IC mixes up the best deep, soulful, minimal, tech and dubbage out there, and is a prolific purveyor of mix cds, (you can download his latest mixes here) “we don’t produce the standard format of tracks… we make tracks how we feel and will arrange them in any which way we like”.


DJ Kismet Myspace

DJ IC Soundcloud

Krystal Klear:
Part of Manchester’s Hoya Hoya crew, 22 year old Dec Lennon AKA Krystal Klear has been receiving alot of attention of late, due to his track Greensleeves being picked up by Cooly for Dub Organizer’s debut release. A native of Dublin, Dec has been into the new jack swing, boogie and classic house sound since his days studying Teddy Riley and the BB&Q Band, and his take on the 1980-1994 is slipping into all manner of selector’s sets, with its multicoloured melodies and achingly produced craftsmanship – as he told us: “slamming basslines, kicking drums and dope melodies, and when they all come together it sets a dancefloor on fire”.

Krystal Klear Myspace

North Carolina’s Arethis is so far the only US signing to Dub Organizer, with his aggressive UK funky-meets-old-school-rave anthem Rugged Angel gracing the B-Side of the labels debut release. The experimental producer/dj sees the label’s sound as particularly varied, stating that “it’s all really varied, but the common thing that everyone possesses i think is a passion for making tunes. I guess the closest thing i could say it would be is house/garage/dub, but I don’t really try and fit too much into one format.”

Dub Organizer Myspace

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