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Mark Barrott: 10 essential Balearic cuts

Sun-kissed jams to combat the impending winter.

Venerable producer and International Feel boss Mark Barrott is one of the only modern figureheads of the Balearic house phenomenon, his passion for the sound spurred him to retreat to Ibiza at the culmination of an extensive career in music to make calm, sun-drenched jams.

Barrott has only recently begun releasing music under his own name, garnering acclaim for the chilled out sounds of his three albums, all of which are self-released on International Feel.

In anticipation of the release of Remixes From An Island – the follow-up to the success of this year’s – Sketches From An Island 2 – Barrott has shared 10 of his Balearic selections with us.

1. Cantoma – Clear Coast (feat. Brenda Ray)

Cantoma is Phil Mison, one of the early Cafe Del Mar residents and wonderful Balearic DJ. This is a track from his new (and best) Album as Cantoma featuring Brenda Ray on vocals. Her own ‘Theme From a Tall Dark Stranger’ as Brenda & The Beach Balls is a Balearic Gem.

2. Domenique Dumont – Comme Ca

From last years mini album on Antinote. Sounds like a lost French Library record from the 70’s (which is of course great !) and his remix of my own ‘der Stern, der hie vergeht’ is quite something.

3. Andras – Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise Mix)

I love this guy’s music – great melody and atmosphere. This is kind of Balearic meets breakbeat house with his own spin thrown in. Also check out his more ambient ART Wilson project and the recent House of Dad.

4. CFCF – Arto

Dreamy Sunday morning vibes from CFCF’s mini album on International Feel earlier this year. This guy hasn’t put a foot wrong in the past two years.

5. Nu Guinea – Nu World (Flute Mix)

Relative newcomers from Naples and favourites of Giles Peterson. I was put into them via Gatto Fritto and I love the tape driven funk vibes. I’m super happy with the ‘Dr Nimm’ remix they’ve just completed for the new Sketches from an Island remix EP.

6. L.U.C.A. – Blue Marine (Edizioni Mondo)

Staying in Italy for more Library vibes in a Morricone style released by my partner in Talamanca System and owner of Running Back, Gerd Janson. Timeless.

7. Tornado Wallace – Thinking Allowed

Back to Melbourne (home also to Andras) for one of my fav’s – Lewie Day AKA Tornado Wallace. I love this track and his new forthcoming album is quite something.

8. Len Leise – Phantom Voyages

Still in Melbourne (something in the water ?) for LL’s wonderful Music for Forests EP that we released on International Feel a while back.

9. Wolf Muller & Cass. – Miyazaki

Wolf Muller (AKA Jan Schulte), percussive genius and resident at Salon Des Amateurs and Cass. (Horizontal Mind Bender) going all melodic and ambient.

10. Mark Barrott – Deep Water

Well you’ve got to get one of your own in there somewhere 🙂 My perfect sunset moment.

Remixes From An Island is out October 7th on International Feel. Grab it here.

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