Machine Woman: “10 DJs that made me lose my shit”

Check out the 10 performers who have recently caught the eye of the loop pack connoisseur.

If you haven’t heard of Machine Woman, real-name Anastasia Vtorova, you need to dig your head out of that sand! The Russian producer-extraordinaire has tirelessly released music, remixed tracks and recorded mixes over the past few years under aliases such as dj half priced lager, dj away day and Siberian Tech House Queen. Such a range of pseudonyms reflects the variety of Vtorova’s work, ranging from vigorous electro to powerful techno, as well as spacey electronica and luscious house.

Ahead of a busy October that sees Vtorova play gigs in Spain, Holland and the UK at events such as ADE. This week, Sheffield plays host to No Bounds Festival, which sees the Russian DJ spin some records alongside an international cast of artists such as Demdike Stare, Volvox and Jensen Interceptor. We asked the eccentric artist to come up with 10 fellow DJs who have caught her eye over the past few months. Check out what Machine Woman had to say below.

1. Brooke Powers

I met Brooke in Australia where I plaid Le Fag party. There was something powerful and unstoppable about her. The selection of the music mixed with the very elegant way she was driving the crowd.

2. Madison Moore

Imagine you are in Bristol and you find your self in a swingers club turned into Techno club by the local collective Dialogue. Then you dance in a sweaty room full of strobe and smoke machine is working on level 1000. I am pretty sure I was baptised by the sounds of Madison Moore that night.

3. softcoresoft

This summer was very special. I went to play at Mutek in Montreal and that is where I met softcoresoft. Talented producer and DJ as well as an excellent journalist and presented, the kindness and positivity enter your life in the presence of this superwoman!!

4. Pharaoh Black

“Afro diaspora DJ and Producer based in London, exploring, creating and sharing music deeply rooted in Africa”. Calvin is fun and positive young gentleman. I asked him to do an instore session for me at Lobster Theremin last year, he made such a beautiful selection of music, I admire this man and you should do too.


Melissa runs one of my favourite labels at the moment Jacktone Records and also a resident of a Berlin night Room 4 Resistance that tackles discrimination on the dance floor. Every time I see Melissa play I stand next to her and try to Shazam every track she plays.

6. Howes

Aka the boss man behind a very elegant label Cong Burn hailing all the way from Manchester. I saw this gent DJ when we did b2b at Soup Kitchen and I never have seen anyone putting me on the edge like this before. He twists those mixer knobs like a Russian roulette. I asked him to teach me to DJ …..

7. Ribeka

In Glasgow in Ruberdub we met and played B2B…. I must say the excellent collection of vinyl she had is the best collection in the whole UK. We mixed on Richie Hawtin mixer Model 1 and I tell you it was one of the best b2b I did because the records were excellent, I could feel Ribeka touching the sound. It was a really beautiful experience.

8. Korea Town Acid

I heard her track Virtual Reality [Cosmic Resonance] and immediately fallen in love. Also meeting her at Mutek was top banana. We did a b2b sesh at the local record store and watching someone just beautifully taking you on a sonic ride made me so happy. She will take over the world trust me on this.

9. Actress

I don’t even need to say anything else. I love Actress and everything he does is a blessing to all us mortals….

10. Cera Khin

I have been a fan of Cera for a while and then we met in Berlin. She always has incredible records and her taste in music has been always exciting. Now she also runs a label Lazy Tapes that released artists such as Peder Mannirfield, Christoph De Babalon and her own productions to name but a few.

If you’re in Sheffield this week, you can catch Machine Woman at No Bounds Festival at night on Saturday. Find more info and grab a ticket right here.

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