M Parent picks 10 Brooklyn-based artists you should know about

Shining light on some of the best in NYC.

Brooklyn-based producer M Parent is about to release his debut EP The Practice of Pseudoscience – the second vinyl release from Oakland label Chem Club.

Constructed exclusively using hardware, the EP holds percussion-heavy workouts that exist somewhere between continuously evolving songs and fully functional tracks, announcing M Parent as a producer to watch in the coming year.

As a Brooklyn resident, M Parent takes inspiration from the blossoming scene around him and has gifted tracks from eight artists that have made the place an inspiring musical hotbed. From the throbbing techno of Soramimi to US dance veteran Patrick Russell and more.

1. Clay Wilson – E4 (Patrick Russell Remix)

Patrick Russell is one of those rare DJs that will surprise you from one set to the next since his selections are so diverse. Any genre seems to be within reach. On this Bunker NY release, I’m really inspired by his use of polyrhythms and the dark energy.

2. Aos – Echoic

Originally from Portland, OR, this label now calls New York home.  The common thread that seems to weave its way through each release is depth, whether that be through emotions, psychedelia, or rhythm.  It will come as no surprise if you have taken a listen to any of my mixes, that I’m a big fan of Seattle-based artist, Aos, and her dreamy release on Blankstairs.

3. Soramimi – The Fourth Wall

Dreamy states are also present in the work of NYC experimental artist, Soramimi.  Her and Cory James run a trippy label called Dusk Notes.  When I’m digging for records, primarily I’m looking for songs that tell stories and aren’t just tools.  This track is a great example of the different places Soramimi can take you as the track unfolds.

4. Richard Gamble – Rivers and Mountains Turned Into Blood

Richard Gamble might be the hardest working figure we have in the NY underground.  As a promoter (Etheric / Closed Circuit), label owner (Lost Soul Enterprises), producer, and DJ he simply doesn’t stop.  In this track we see him flexing his electro muscle on his own label, Lost Soul Enterprises. The call and response between the bassline and the melody is pure electro bliss.

5. Annanan with Maroje – Tired Of You

When Remedy promoters and resident DJs, Maroje and Amourette, brought Annanan over from Berlin in late summer of 2016, I knew it was a perfect match.  The night was filled with fog, otherworldly howls, and twisted percussion.  What would come out of Maroje and Annanan’s studio sessions following the show was no different.  For me, this track is all about the creepy vocal as well as the off-beat melody that prove that you don’t necessarily need a bassline to make it bang.

6. Bergsonist – Sputnik

Bergsonist has quickly made a name for herself in NYC with a big 2016 that saw her release two split EPs and one full length.  Her talent is showcased in her live performances that is equal parts pummeling and abstract.  If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed I have a thing for melody.  This track’s melody makes my head shake from side-to-side as it ebbs and flows through the duration.

7. Blacklauren – Edanasa

You will be hard pressed to find more of a sonic perfectionist within the NYC community than Blacklauren.  His atmospheric tracks and DJ sets are chiseled with utmost precision whether that is solo or within the duo of The Long Count Cycle.  His first release on Richard Gamble’s Lost Soul Enterprises showcases his ethereal nature.  The atmosphere in this track is so thick and menacing.

8. Antenes – St Antoine

If you’ve been out to a show in New York within the past year, chances are you’ve witnessed Lori Napoleon’s techno sorcery in either a live performance or DJ set.  She draws you in cerebrally and makes you move.  The above cut might be one of the weirdest electro tracks I’ve ever heard and inspires me to explore different genres of music with non-typical sound design choices.

9. Certain Creatures

Is it a song? Is it a track? Oliver Chapoy’s project, Certain Creatures, has given me the inspiration to make both, to tow the line between dance floor and journey. This cut from the New Yorker’s LP, Vipassana, is a haunting example. This track has it all for me. Melody. A story. Emotion.

10. Justin Cudmore

It has been so inspiring to see Cudmore’s rise over the course of 2016. That rise doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon with his newly minted DJ residency and EP as part of Bunker NY. Other than melody in tracks, I often search for creative uses of acid. I’m not very fond of acid basslines for the sake of acid basslines. Sorry Chicago! This track has cheeky acid lines and melodies that pop in and out of the mix in a really engaging way.


The Practice of Pseudoscience EP will be released on Chem Club March 15, pre-order it HERE.

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