Luke Vibert updates ’90s classic ‘Exodus [The Lion Awakes]’

The Brothers Grimm’s jungle experiment gets a hefty rework.

Bristol imprint Sneaker Social Club are starting their 2017 strong by resurrecting a rave classic.

The Brothers Grimm’s highly influential track ‘Exodus [The Lion Awakes]’ was originally composed by Floyd Dyce of Acen, Baby D and X Static, and released on The Production House label. Now, 25 years later, Sneaker Social Club are reviving the song with a project that’s testament to its enduring legacy. Featuring five all-star remixers who’ve all been affected by the record, Luke Vibert, The Maghreban, Special Request and DJ Die with Addison Groove, alongside the original mix, which sounds as urgent as it did in 1992.

Electronic luminary Luke Vibert does what any great remix should do, keeping the feel and flavour of the original intact, while offering his own novel take. Vocal samples and dusty drum breaks are retained, but Vibert adds a pounding house kick that will have you shuffling away in your chair. It was a rave classic in 1992, and now it’s soon to be a rave classic in 2017.

Exodus [When The Lion Awakes] (2017 remixes) is out February 24.

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