Lose yourself in the shimmering beat work of Kelpe’s ‘Dry Riser’

Fresh from an introspective 2016 in the wake of the release of The Curved Line LP last September, London-based producer Kelpe today debuts ‘Dry Riser’, his contribution to Milan-based collective Just This’ upcoming compilation, Broken Promises.

Having released on DC Recordings, Black Acre and Svetlana, Kelpe now brings the weight of his abstracted creative ethos to Broken Promises with ‘Dry Riser’, a shimmering, vaguely psychedelic number, perfectly in line with the ethos set out for the compilation, which also features Tom Trago & Pisetzky, and Eduardo De la Calle.

Kelpe’s contribution keeps to his ever undefinable sonic approach. Taking influence from vintage ambient, the veteran beatsmith brings an intriguing body of noise to the track; gently reactive synth waves, masterfully built up from minimal, old school pulses complement the myriad melodic structures running throughout. It’s a wonderfully endearing journey of sound, balancing between listenability and complexity, allowing the coruscating wall of perfectly mixed waves and beats to breathe.

Featured Image: Brian Harrington

Broken Promises is out July 22 on Just This. Pre-order here.

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