Lloyd SB proves to be a flair player on ‘Hypercube’

People often write about club records in terms of weaponry or machinery – and I’m more guilty of this particular cliché than anyone. 

Still, listening to ‘Hypercube’, it would feel perverse to skirt around this sort of imagery, because that’s what the track conjures up. It’s difficult not to think of the components as different machine parts, all working together perfectly in sync. Piston drums provide violent punctuation around streams of fidgety synths.

Lloyd SB is the producer alias of 20 year old Jack Chapman from Sheffield. You might have caught him on Nervous Horizon’s recent Boiler Room takeover, or heard his track ‘3X23’ on their label comp last year. Then there was ‘X Out’, which found a home on the Boxed label’s first vinyl release.

Taken from Boida Flare, Lloyd SB’s upcoming full Nervous Horizon debut, ‘Hypercube’ has already been banged out by the likes of Betty, Murlo, Blackdown and Teki Latex.

It’s got that super glossy/dark industrial contrast going on, which leaves it feeling similar to what some of the Her Records crew are doing. Chapman has a wonderful touch for percussion that works as melody, and vice versa. Despite the heavy barrage, there’s also a level of restraint to this one that comes from holding back at just the right time. Listen below:

Boida Flare is out 3rd June on Nervous Horizon.

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