hyponik’s 2018 stocking fillers

Struggling for gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.

It’s hit that time of year: Christmas is approaching at an uncomfortable pace, jumpers are being washed and ironed, and those presents you were thinking about buying are still sitting on shop shelves. With the year wrapping up, this is a busy and hectic time. We thought we’d cut you some slack and take some weight off your shoulders with these gift ideas. If there’s anyone amongst your family or friends who enjoys music, anything from plugging in headphones on their way to work, singing in the shower or relaxing with a cuppa whilst enjoying their record collection, this list is for you.

Der Klang Der Familie – £18.50

Ever wondered how Berlin became Europe’s techno mecca? This book explains the origins, politics and society of 80s and 90s Germany in the scene’s beginnings.

Acid House blueprint poster – £35

Mapped out over the blueprint of a 303 bass synthesizer, this poster details the key players across the global acid house circuit.

Slipknot Slipmat – £10

Not only a play on words, but a play on logos – Slipknot’s iconic scrawl has been bootlegged to state the obvious.

Puma x Roland Trainers – £107

Bringing a new meaning to step sequencer, these comfy creps see Roland’s orange, red and yellow given the Puma treatment.

Rave Art book – £12.48

Take a look back at the posters, flyers and artwork used by promoters when the rave era was popping off. There are more smiley faces in this book than on your emoji keyboard.

Metalheadz Christmas jumper – £50

Imagine Goldie carving a turkey in this bad boy!

1210MK2 Lego Turntables – €110

Who’d have thought Lego sounded this good?

Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show Mug – £12

Charlie Bones’ mug on a mug. Sip tea whilst listening to his sweet selection.

Strings of Life poster – £15

Another wicked bit of design from Turbo Island. Functional as well as funny, knot names are given a DJ makeover.

Beastie Boys book – £22.40

Taking you on a trip through the illustrious career of the Beastie Boys, this book tells the band’s story with never-before-seen pictures and tales.

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