Letta turns in a pulverising remix of WWWINGS

Recently you may have been switched on to formidable web-dwelling production trio WWWINGS, busily engaged in tearing away and reshaping the boundaries of electronic club music.

The three sides of the triangle are LIT INTERNET, LIT DAW and LIT EYNE – together they’ve released on a bunch of labels including Symbols, TAR and Infinite Machine.

Now, with a debut album for Planet Mu somewhere on the horizon, their next release sees them joining up with New York imprint Purple Tape Pedigree for the CHIMERA EP, a total assault on the senses that draws on everything from trap to dancehall to IDM. The 2nd half of the EP is home to some particularly brutal remixes, and we’re premiering Coyote Records affiliate and Skid Row beatmaker Letta’s take on ‘WYVERN’.

The track begins with woozy, spacesick synths and a faint crackling that rapidly builds to a full-on rupture. Pulverising percussion blasts seem to have completed the evolution, but eventually the two sides of the coin find a way to coexist, with Letta’s heart-rending square wave melodies caught in a perpetual spin cycle.

CHIMERA is out July 22 on Purple Tape Pedigree, pre-order here.

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