Lemzly Dale breaks down his new record, Catty

Sam Lambert, better known as West Country grime slewer Lemzly Dale, has been making a lot of noise this year. Between releasing an EP with Modelle on White Peach, producing music for London MC GHSTLY XXVII and getting remixed by fellow Bristolians Kahn & Neek, the producer and DJ has found time to cook up some new material for Sector 7 Sounds,  the label he co-runs alongside Boofy.

Arriving in the shape of four-track EP, Catty, the cat-screeching lead number ‘What We Do’ with Lewisham MC Mercy Ace is already a heavy hitter on the grime circuit, getting regular wheel-ups and continuous plays from notable DJs like Sir Spyro.

The rest of the release sounds just as wonky, as Dale twists and turns his way through gliding squares, chopped ‘n’ screwed western samples, and a heavy battering of kicks and snares. We’ll let the Bristol producer do the talking here though, as we managed to catch five with him to get some more details behind the making of the record and the hows and whys to each track.

1. What We Do ft. Merky Ace

When we were putting the EP together Boof asked if I was up for getting someone to vocal ‘Catty’. I met Merky for the first time earlier this year when we did a set together in Notts. Hands down best show I’ve ever played. The whole thing was kinda mad for me ’cause he’s been one of my favourite MCs since I first started out. But yeah, ‘Catty’ was one of the tunes I played during that set and he sounded sick on it, so it just seemed right. We left it up to him to do what he wanted with it, he sent over a rough version not long after and that was it.

2. High Noon

I originally made this for Riddim Rally at Red Bull Studios in London. We were given 3 hours to produce 3 tracks and this was the 2nd track I made. I always start off with the melody so I pretty much built the whole tune around the guitar in the intro. This tune ended up shaping the whole theme for the artwork and promo vid. To be honest I didn’t think I could make something like this in an hour, but there was a Nandos sat on the keyboard that I was trying to eat before it got cold. Sadly I wasn’t quick enough and it was cold, but it was good for motivation.

3. Go Away

In my head I thought this would end up as a slower Hip-Hop sorta thing. Whenever I’m using a sample I don’t like to decide on what genre I’m gonna make until I’ve chopped it and messed with the pitch. Something about the synth and the chords remind me of the castle theme from Super Mario World, like with a Spanish twist. Naturally I wouldn’t have thought to put this on our label but Boof was a fan and in hindsight I think it works really well on the EP.

4. Catty

Last year I spent a bit of time making instrumentals that I could send out to MCs, this being one of them. I remember putting down the main synth and 808s whilst drifting off after one too many pencils. I decided to call it a night and carry on another day ’cause I knew it could be something good. When I came back to it a few days later, the rest of the tune just rolled out naturally. I didn’t actually send it to any MCs but Neffa was rinsing it in his radio shows and any time someone touched it the reaction was mad. A few people were asking for it but nothing came of it ’til I sent it to Merky. I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

Catty is out now on Sector 7 Sounds. 

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Featured Image: Bertrand Pok

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