Label Focus: GD4YA

“We are what we say we are – Authentic Southside Grooves’’

GD4YA are a label keeping things true to form. With their 4th release on the horizon, and  a roster that boasts El-B, Sully and Benny Ill, GD4YA remain as committed as ever to pushing the rude and raucous 2-step, broken beat and garage that now finds itself so synonymous with the UK’s capital.

For every label and its artists, local support is as important as attracting ears from further afield. Croydon’s DNR Vinyl has been on the winning end of the UKG resurgence of late. A small shop with a larger than life reputation, DNR attracts punters and big time DJs, feeding into their garage and bassweight needs.

Winning DNR’s support has been pivotal in orchestrating GD4YA’s success, and with both crews firm in advocating the ‘Sound of the South’, we meet down at the shop to get everyone’s take on the label, its appeal and where its headed, as well as an exclusive premiere of El-B’s sumptuous remix of ‘All 4 You’ taken from the forthcoming GD4YA release.

El-B: Everything has to progress and move forward and I believe this label is the future – It will bring everyone together.

Benny III: Communities are what created and inspired most of the dance music genres from the past that are still popular today. That gave them time to develop and build before being unleashed on the world.

I’ve always been connected with artists from the area, and supported local labels. Record stores, nightclubs and other locations come and go but the musicians and performers are the thread that runs through it all. Not everyone still lives in the area, or even the country, but the spirit is still alive!

Karma: It goes back to representing a community. GD4YA is creating a platform of like minded artists from the same area to present their music on. It’s reminiscent of the early years of Dubstep, when labels such as Big Apple Records who operated from their shop in Croydon would release music by artists who all knew each other on a personal level, who all lived locally, and would all be exchanging ideas, and supporting each other.

Sam Levo (GD4YA): We are what we say we are – ‘Authentic Southside Grooves’.

Dan DNR: I’ve met so many people who have come through the shop over the years, it’s hard not to get to know people, especially when they’re local. We’ve always supported local underground artists & labels and these guys have it on lock.

GD4YA crew at DNR Records 


Pre-order New Park Bruk/3 AM/All 4 You via GD4YA.

Featured Images: Drumz of the South

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