Klasey Jones debuts on Terrorhythm with Foreign Buyers Club EP

Hear a new track from Plastician’s latest signing.

Having spent 2016 quietly honing his craft, Klasey Jones has emerged as one of UK wave’s finest prospects.

Following heavy rotation on Plastician’s Rinse FM show – and support from Elf Kid, Blakie and Sir Spyro – Jones has signed to Terrorhythm for his debut EP, Foreign Buyers Club. Influenced as much by video game and anime soundtracks as it is by Chicago drill, grime and synthwave, the EP offers a taste of what’s to come in 2017 from the producer.

Standout ‘Yoko and Ano’ is a melancholy number – dissecting a grime-led melody and channelling it through layers of neon arpeggios and buzzsaw synths. You can stream it in full below.

We also caught up with Klasey Jones to chat musical roots, the influences behind Foreign Buyers Club and his aspirations for the coming year.

How did you get involved with Terrorhythm?

I got involved by messaging Plastician with some tunes. I was hoping for some feedback but I got more than that. He replied almost immediately as I hit him up at the right time – Monday afternoon! From then on, I kept sending him a tune a day, as he was interested in helping me put together a debut EP. Finally out of 150 tunes, he picked five for the label. It was great for me as my music was kept buried for time, until we finally linked up!

There are so many different strands of sound running through the ‘Wave’ community at the moment, how do you feel your own strain stands out?

I haven’t really delved too deep into the sound so I’m not in the best position to comment on it, but I know a handful of guys in the wave community — they make a lot of dope music and they’ve been supporting me which means a lot, as it keeps pushing me to make music.

Usually I try not to put a label on my work, or aim to write to a specific genre, I prefer to let the listener decide. Some will call it wave, others will call it grime, but it all depends on what tune they are listening to, and in some cases which DJs are playing it.

What’s the story behind the artwork on the EP, and your press shots?

We wanted to create something similar to an 80s movie poster artwork, mixed with anime, of course. I’ve always been a fan of retro anime and worked with Plastician on getting the aesthetic correct for the first release. He found an artist called Mizucat from Germany and we thought she could nail it for us, which she did!

Is there an overarching concept behind the EP?

Not entirely to be honest, my music takes influence from lots of different styles so from sending all the music to Plastician, we worked out five tracks that fit well together and would give a good introduction to my sound. There’s a chance in the future I might work on something conceptual, but for now it’s been more about giving people a taste of what’s to come.

There’s a huge blend of genres running through your music, what were you listening to growing up?

I was brought up listening to mostly funk and soul when I was a youngen, which led to collecting a lot of weird and wonderful records. My main influences are all over the place, from library music to original soundtracks – be it anime, games or movies. I have a lot of love for Bruton & De Wolfe Music which has a big influence in my songs too!

What anime films did you take inspiration from on Foreign Buyers Club?

Perfect Blue is one of the many that inspired the EP. The visuals and art directions were amazing, as well as the incredible soundtrack by Masahiro Ikumi. That’s definitely the main one.

Your productions have garnered acclaim from Elf Kid, P Money and Blakie amongst many others – have you got plans to collaborate with any MCs in the near future?

At the moment some MCs are writing on 3/4 beats, but I can’t go into further detail until we hear the recordings, I don’t want to jinx it! My second goal is to collaborate with some stateside rappers in the future. It would be a cool experience for me, being such a big rap fan.

Foreign Buyers Club is out January 23 on Terrorhythm, get your copy here.

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