Kid Drama: Studio talk

You might know Damon Kirkham as one half of one half of Instra:mental (along with Al ‘Boddika’ Green), Heart Drive, Jon Convex or Module Eight. One thing is clear, the man likes an alias.

Perhaps most notable is Kid Drama, Damon’s drum and bass alias of which he’s been operating under since his days with Boddika. The production project has seen him build close ties with labels like Exit Records and Metalheadz, as well as collaborate with a number of likeminded producers who push the boundaries of what’s possible in the region of 170bpm. Om Unit, Skeptical, and Fracture to name a few.

His latest experiments come via Goldie’s Metalheadz. Fittingly titled the Enforcer EP, the record consists of “four chunky slabs of hard-hitting drum and bass interlaced with beautiful pads and soundscapes”, a combination we know Damon too well for.

In celebration of the release, we kindly requested an invite to his studio, where Damon gives insight into the pieces of gear most fundamental to his production process.

1. Nord Lead 2x

I’ve always loved the Nord Lead line of synths, they each have their own charm. I’ve used this on pretty much everything I’ve written under all my aliases. From beautiful emotional analog sounding pads to harsh digital glitch, NL does it all.

2. Nord Drum 2

Again, another Nord. The Nord Drum 2 isn’t just a drum machine, It’s a killer synth in a small box. ND2 takes care of percussive glitch bits, big drum sounds and pretty much anything else. I normally run this through a little outboard chain to soften it up or trash it depending on what mood I’m in.

3. Effects Chain

I know this isn’t one bit of kit but I consider it a whole. The Eurorack has a mackie 1604 drive/Eq channel for that classic 90’s crunch, The Alm Busy Circuits MUM M8 is an akai S950 filter and PE-1 is a Tascam Porta channel, both amazing (Cheers Matthew!) I’ve got a few chorus pedals and distortion pedals that I’ll wire up when I have a sample making day.

4. Elektron Monomachine

We used both the Elektron Monomachine & Machinedrum to write the Instra:mental album when these machines dropped. My mind was blown with the amount of fun these machines were to use, we sat with them on our laps, synced them, jammed out and wrote some great music with them. I did a lot of my Jon Convex stuff with this too.

5. Focal CMS50

I had some Yamahas before these, I worked really well with them and my room was perfect for monitoring, when I got the focals the stereo field was amazing with a huge sound from such a small set of monitors. Many of my friends have been purchasing some amazing monitors recently, I’m can’t say I haven’t been tempted to upgrade but these just work for me and translate so well. So for now the little focals stay!

Enforcer EP is out now on Metalheadz.

Buy it here.

Featured Image: Sarah Morris

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