Katerina breaks down her new label and V/A compilation, Émotsiya

DJ and producer Katerina hails from Helsinki – Finland via Sofia – Bulgaria. Her broad knowledge and particular musical obsessions (Katerina has an undying love for hip hop producer DJ Quik) inform her imaginative beat making and relationship with the dancefloor.

After a couple of appearances on Santiago imprint Cómeme, Katerina made her official production debut on the wacky label with 2018’s Just when you thought it was over, a five-track EP that channeled sci-fi techno, post-punk and lo-fi rap through a twisted lens.

Whilst more of her own music is shortly set to land via Tigersushi, Katerina has also been busy compiling the music of friends and fellow talents to help her form her new label, Émotsiya. Originally the name of her radio show, Katerina describes Émotsiya as a feeling, spirit and adventure, with the platform’s aim to represent a geographical corner of the world that is already known for the most inspiring musical encounters between humans and machines. Catching up with her, Katerina gives us an introduction and rundown to the artists behind V/A compilation, Émotsiya 001

1. Sansibar

Spearheading a new age of electro-minimalism, Sansibar’s music permeates a world-wide constellation of cassette labels, namely Altered States and The New U.S. Government, with his track “Non Stop” from Berlin label FTP given prominence by Helena Hauff in a Mixmag Cover Mix. Sansibar also released his debut solo EP ”White Swan” on Natural Sciences. EMO-002 will be an EP from Sansibar and it’s a killer!

2. Ann Hiko

In 2015 a mysterious figure called Ann Hiko self-released an EP that had people in the Helsinki techno scene guessing the identity of the anonymous producer, only for him to disappear soon after. Now the producer has stepped out of the shadows to reveal that Ann Hiko (an anagram of real his name) is the alias of multi-disciplinary artist Noah Kin, who is also behind the experimental club music project Exploited Body. After debuting with ‘Hostility’ on Helsinki-based THRDEYEVSN last year, Exploited Body peaked the interest of N1L who recruited him for a remix on Opal Tapes and LA-based label TAR who signed him for the monumental one-off ‘Contortion’ and his most recent release ‘Threnody’.

3. Denzel

Denzel runs a club in Helsinki called Post Bar and a festival called Solstice that is happening this summer in the north of Finland. Resident DJ at Post Bar and a regular at Flow Festival Helsinki.

4. Endamisi Salamisi

Recently Endamisi Salamisi self-released an album on Bandcamp called “For Forest Play Only”. It is a collection of airy house tunes and beatless ambiances. And in May premieres a dance performance called “How To Build A Garden Gnome” which he did the sound design for. It’s a performance that takes the audience to a surreal garden, where an unusual construction work takes place. A garden where absent-minded wisdom reigns, and instead of rational decisions, not so rational ones are made.

Émotsiya 001 is out April 26.

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