K-Lone launches new label with Rare Jewels EP featuring Ill Chill

Having successfully run label Wisdom Teeth for two years, K-LONE has unveiled new imprint Wych with upcoming collaborative EP Rare Jewels – featuring the vocal musings of LA-based lyricist Ill Chill.

Ill Chill has been going from strength to strength over the past year, having raised his profile with a string of releases, as well as collaborations with dubstep heavyweights Compa and Truth. 

In the spirit of both artist’s forward thinking sensibilities, Rare Jewels seamlessly merges the sounds of UK club music and US hip hop.

‘Roll Up’, the second track on the release bends the two genres back and forth as K-Lone serves up a barrage of skittering beats, blended with stabs of detuned synths – allowing Ill Chill’s smoked out lyricism to flow effortlessly across the track’s four minutes.

Rare Jewels is out October 17th, pre-order here

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