Jun Kamoda: Influences

The latest offering from established Bristol imprint Black Acre comes to us from Japanese producer Jun Kamoda. After producing glitchy hip-hop as Illreme for the better part of a decade, Kamoda struck out under his own name last year, releasing The Clay EP on Brooklyn’s Mister Saturday Night and Blind Disco on Black Acre.

Continuing in the same vein as his last release, The Distorted Haunted Ballroom EP is party music through and through. Clearly informed by his days twisting samples into new forms for his hip-hop productions, the EP brings the carnival vibes with vibrant free-jazz saxophone and frenzied percussion. These three riotous oddities showcase Kamoda’s playful, spirited approach to production that is guaranteed to get feet moving.

We caught up with Kamoda ahead of the new release to get an insight into his influences. Here’s ten tracks that sparked his imagination while producing The Distorted Haunted Ballroom EP.

1. Mu – ‘ Let’s Get Sick’

I love Maurice Fulton’s music, particularly “Let’s Get Sick”.

2. Rhythm & Sound – ‘Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)’

I have been influenced by this vocal edit technique.

3. Butric – ‘Up’

I guess “Up” influenced “BYE”.

4. Sabres Of Paradise – ‘Haunted Dancehall’

The album “Haunted Dancehall” is a masterpiece to me.

5. Anthony Naples – ‘Moscate B’

When I mixed “Body & Soul”, I used his track as a reference point.

6. Jimmy Edgar – ‘Let Me Tell U’

Glamorous Zen House! When my songs get too complicated, I always listen to “Let Me Tell U”. This track helps me figure out what I want.

7. Four Tet – ‘Kool FM’

When I mixed “Dopey Forests”, I used his this track as a reference track.

8. General Ludd – ‘Woo Ha’

“Woo Ha” has taught me how tolerant house music is.

9. Floating Points – ‘King Bromeliad’

When I worked on the three tracks from my new EP, I listened to this track a lot.

10. Edan – ‘Echo Party’

I always watched “Edan (psychedelic)” at Echo Party when I make music.

The Distorted Haunted Ballroom EP is out now on Black Acre. Buy it here.

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