Joey Anderson: Studio Talk

Get a peek behind the doors at the tools of Joey Anderson’s trade.

The prolific east coast producer Joey Anderson has become a name synonymous with the stranger end of house music. He has been involved with house music and dancing for years, but first appearing on the our radars back in 2008 on one of DJ Qu’s compilations. The new Jersey native has since released a plethora of EP’s through his own Inimeg records and has put out two albums through Dekmantel. Bubbling up in the same scene as the likes of DJ Qu, Fred P and Levon Vincent, he has now cemented his name on line-ups around the globe having graced the decks at several of the worlds most revered spaces.

His latest effort, Rainbow Doll, comes via Absurd Records sub-label Avenue 66 and is another fine example of Anderson’s craft. His sound is hypnotic and intriguing, involving a concoction of machines and effects, alongside Anderson’s own voice. He has allowed us access into his production lab to give us a guide through his favoured tools and the effect they have on his production work.

1. Roland System – 8

Felt lucky to get one of these in my workflow. Of course Roland is known for its unique sound, but it’s the system – 8 ‘s weird way of demanding to be the leader of each session that’s pretty amazing. I’m sure to have years of fun with this synth.

2. Roland TR-8S

For all it’s classic drum samples and uploading possibilities, I tend to fall in love with its simplicity and groove tactics. If you fancy music of the 80s, it’s all in here. Also lately I’ve been experimenting with styles of music I never thought I would touch, great Drum machine for the studio .

3. Prophet-6/Prophet REV 2

Some years ago I had a vintage Dave Smith synth (mono Evolver). It was like trying to tame a wild stallion. I also thought, when I had the opportunity, to get some other Smith synths that were a little more friendly. I was looking for something to add something cathedral like to my workflow. They both hit the spot.

4. Effects/Modular/Etta toys

I guess one can never have enough effect gadgets. Korg Kaoss pads have been my friends for a while now. I’ve added some drum machines and other small toys, to experiment a little more.

5. Korg Kaoss Pad

It’s a captain in my studio, probably always will be. The easy pad sample action is the blueprint to most of work, I guess it’s my version of the mpc.

6. Roland MX-1

It kinda hooked the concept of doing music in a live way. Kinda quickly becoming a fan of the Aira series. Quite useful toward plugging whatever in and seeing what happens.

Rainbow Doll is out March 10th via Avenue 66.

Buy it here.

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