Jing: Dark Side Of The Trip

Berlin-based Taiwanese artist Jing returned to Steve Bicknell’s 6dimensions concept label late last year, with the intriguing five-track release Diffraction, the second in her mystery project trilogy.

Following her debut album, Adularescence, the electronic live performer and composer continues to write short stories and produce musical soundscapes to convey them, quoted as like “a short film without the visuals, the opposite of a silent movie.”

Whilst the inaugural release is based around moonstones, the effect of light and the optical phenomenon of Adularescence, Diffraction tells the story from the perspective of the moon and how it views the world we live in. Jing interprets this, composing the feelings into sounds that bend between gloomy ambiences, destructive techno and twisted modular experiments.

Curious to know more about the enigmatic artist, Jing offered us a window into her headspace by creating a playlist of ten ghostly pieces she currently has on rotation. Some cryptic words from her below…

“The moment when we all turn blind, imaginary composition, limitless and edgeless… We are on our own, to listen, to feel, to speak, or perhaps no sound rather deeper than any — Dark Side Of The Trip.”

1. Yearning Kru – ‘Sarnath’ (Planet Mu)

Shall we began, streaming voices, unidentified source, In order to identify, we carry on.

2. 破地獄 – ‘魍魎’ (芒神)

Creep in, that was it, hold on, bone faded. While I mention it, my appearance shifted.

3. Haraam – ‘The Faceless God’ (Fallow Field)

Noise, let’s emphasise the noise, noise will, and more than written words, the script we live in. As wide as it could be, the more we could reconsider, a possibility for a louder dream.

4. Borusiade – ‘Silent (Replicant Version)’ (Comeme)

You can’t play games with a mind enjoy loneliness, you lost it when you decided to play. So we do the post-doomsday dance.

5. Sturqen – ‘Pertal’ (Kvitnu)

Sequence is, was and will be, the chance we teleport into digital ocean, you could be the mermaid you wanted to be.

6. The Modern Institute – ‘Quicksilver Lips’ (Diagonal)

You don’t need to answer any question I have never asked, your lips and thoughts disjointed.

7. Szymon – ‘Worthwile Spot’ (Body Theory)

Neo-Ritual is a new way to communicate, destination no longer matters.

8. ANFS – ‘Magic’ (MMODEMM)

Retina was hacked, only memory left, it was only 1 megabyte.

9. Wire – ‘Drill’ (MUTE)

Classic stay classic, even if you are tripping.

10. SEN – ‘Ageing’ (White Wabbit Records)

The concept of ageing belongs to revolution, in order to reach the dark side of the trip.

Diffraction is out now on 6dimensions. Buy it here.

Featured Image: Manbo Key

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