Jam City Vs. Girl Unit

Ahead of the Night Slugs Christmas Soirée this Saturday (in association with The Hydra & Bugged Out!), two staples of the close knit family, Jam City and Girl Unit, go head-to-head in our Versus series. They’ve both released substantial records on the label this year, the ‘Classical Curves’ LP and the ‘Club Rez’ EP respectively, have material forthcoming on the Allstars Vol.2 compilation, and have represented the NS dynasty in dj sets and live shows all over the globe.

Jam City, aka Londoner Jack Latham, and Girl Unit, Phil Gamble, chatted Carly Rae Jepson’s ‘timeless piece of shit’, ‘Call Me Maybe’, favourite memes, performing ‘Silo Pass’ live with a collage pep band and Girl Unit‘s album plans for 2013.

JC: Who are you wearing?

GU: Buzz Ricksons flight jacket, AirBlade™ running shoes on loan from the James Dyson Foundation, Mimetic wetsuit tee by Fade To Mind and Trousers, stylists own. Who are you wearing?

JC: Right now it’s the Issey Miyake Wrap Coat, black silk goalkeeper trousers, my girlfriends name-plate necklace, Lacrosse Warrior Gloves and good old black Timbs.

JC: What are you watching?

GU: Really enjoying this GarageBand remake of the “Demonstrate” Instrumental. Party Rock Ensemble, still. The “Believe” scene from Party Girl, and Banana Fan.

JC: Describe the Girl Unit Lifestyle in 5 words

GU: “Sent From My Blackberry® Device”

JC: Best thing about 2012 ending?

GU: I guess finally seeing this 10th planet.

JC: What textures are you searching for post-club rez?

GU: Human voices mostly, but also searching for big airy barely there synth atmospheres, that vibrating sound you get through the walls of club toilet stalls, something that sounds like Future’s vocal fry, and beat patterns with no snares or claps, just ghost percussion.


JC: Talk to me about pop music in 2012. What was your favourite pop record of 2012?

GU: Feels a bit a better than 2011, like producers have got more to grips with everything sounding like eurodance and are actually writing really good songs, kudos to Ester Dean and Stargate. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” happened. (which Bok Bok once referred to as “a timeless piece of shit” which is really a compliment if you think about it.)

JC: He nailed it.

GU: Also the once ubiquitous Dubstep Breakdown seems to have had much of the midrange wobble boiled out of it and has now just turned into some power pop template for an angsty song. Case in point – Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”. I hope a better K-Pop track than Gangnam Style makes it to the US mainstream.

JC: It should have been Girls Generation right?

GU: Right. Loreen’s Euphoria is my favourite pop record of 2012, maybe even 2013. And yours?

JC: Unimaginative but why pretend it was anything other than Call Me Maybe? Although for me 2012 is really the year of Teenage Dream, I slept on it for too long, the whole thing is so solid it’s crazy, and I’m only into it more after watching Part Of Me. 2013 will probably belong to her too. Into it.

JC: So now you and Bok Bok have played a live set, who else is getting drafted in for the full line-up?

GU: Honestly I just want an entire college pep band for Silo Pass. That’s really the only way I see our live setup continuing.

JC: You roll out of bed and open your curtains to this world on Janurary 1st… What does 2013 look like? How does it feel?

GU: 2013 I will put out a long player. My challenge is really to write the most advanced and most beautiful material yet, with much more of an emphasis on the songwriting side. I’m definitely as invested in analog processes as I am digital after my last record, but I really only want to recruit the best method for the task at hand this time round. I’m looking a lot more at multi-instrument workstations like the Triton and Roland Fantom, but then still treating whatever sound comes out with analog fx. I suppose what I really want to achieve is getting really trancey sawtoothy sounds to feel like silk, so they sit more comfortably with classic synths and drums and the whole thing doesn’t pay too much of a debt to any specific era. A timeless piece of shit, if you will.

JC: Last question, most importantly, favourite meme of 2012?

GU: I loved Texts from Hillary but Botched Ecce Homo is forever.

Following the Christmas Party at XOYO there will be a Night Slugs & Rhythm Talk after party at The Victorian Vaults, head here for tickets and info.

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