Interview: Reset Robot

The producer breaks down his label, Whistleblower.

A producer’s quality is often judged by the labels they’ve released on, and by that measure, David Robertson AKA Reset Robot, is of the very highest.

Since breaking out as a DJ in the early ’00s, Reset Robot has been a stalwart of the touring circuit, but it’s only since 2009 that his productions have really begun to take flight. With releases on Dubfire’s Sci+Tec, Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Slam’s Soma Records and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode & Truesoul, not to mention his own imprint Whistleblower, Robertson has firmly established himself as a talent to watch. With Whistleblower having only picked up steam since its launch in 2013, Hyponik caught up with Robertson over email to find out what’s next. You can catch him this Saturday at London’s Printworks, alongside an all day set from Adam Beyer.

Hi Dave, what have you been up to in the past year?

Working (on music), DJ’d a lot, been a Dad, cooked loads of curries and started putting together a new studio.

You’re playing the newly opened Printworks this Saturday, what are your thoughts on London’s clubbing landscape, and the UK’s in general?

I love London and I really like a lot of the clubs/venues it has. Fabric (thank goodness!), Egg, Studio Spaces, Tobacco Dock are all fantastic places to go out to. Printworks will no doubt take things to new heights. Exciting times again!

Have you noticed a change since your early DJing days in the late 90s?

I was only just starting to go out to clubs in the late 90s. I started Djing in clubs in around 2002/2003. Things do seem different now but the memory is a funny thing. I’m sure 17 or 18 year olds going out now to a Drumcode event are having exactly the same kind of experience I had when I first went to Slinky at The Opera House or The Gallery at Turnmills.

What are the main differences you notice between playing in London/UK and playing in other cities?

DJing in the UK and London is great. I know what people want hear so it’s easier to deliver musically. It can be hard going to other countries sometimes as every place has slightly different tastes. A set you play in Istanbul might be amazing but try and play the same set in Rome and it just wouldn’t work.

How did you start to work with Alan Fitzpatrick on Whistleblower? Any plans for the label coming up that we should know about?

I’ve been working with Alan for years. We made some really fast music in the early 00s and have been friends for a long time. I have also engineered for him for years so it seemed like a good idea to start a label up. I run the label with my good friend Rhymos. Alan doesn’t do much, not because he’s lazy but he’s got his own stuff going on. Aaron (Rhymos) and I have the musical vision for the label and take care of the day to day running. Next up on the label is an EP from myself, then we have a Customer EP with a remix from Deetron. After that Rhymos will deliver some more music and we’ll be looking to recruit a decent remix artist for that as well.

Does the label have a mission statement of sorts?

Quality House, Techno, Ambient, anything goes really. We are just after really good music.

You’re playing Printworks this weekend. Adam Beyer will play all day long and curated the rest of the lineup. Tell us about your working relationship with him. How did you first start working together?

Adam is a good friend. We’ve worked together quite a bit over the years in the studio and with him releasing my music on Truesoul. We have a good relationship with regards to music. It’s straight up.  He’ll say if he’s not into something or if a track isn’t sounding right. It can be very helpful. We first started working together in 2010 maybe, he signed a few tracks for Truesoul and I’ve sent him tracks ever since.

What do you have coming up on the release front?

Release-wise I’ve got a quite a bit coming up. New EPs coming on Whistleblower, Truesoul and Ovum. Remixes for Andrea Oliva and Audiojack also dropping soon. Watch this space!

Reset Robot plays Junction 2 on Saturday June 10 at Boston Manor Park, London. Tickets available here.

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