Inside the crates of Copenhagen’s Axces Recordings

There’s plenty of hard-hitting techno coming out of Denmark, but some of the natives want to promote a different sound that’s been growing. Enter Kasper Marrott and Alfredo92, who launch their new label, Axces, with a joint EP of heavy tribal percussion and playful house.

The Copenhagen locals want to keep it local. They’re part of a large community who regularly throw parties and make music together. Kasper and Alfredo had this to say about their platform, “Going forward it’s important for us to release great music from people we know and care for”. The label won’t lean in any direction, there’s room for ambient and leftfield tracks as well as house and techno.

Their debut release Os To, translating to “the two of us”, releases mid-April. To celebrate the launch of Axces, they’ve given us a list of punchy tech bangers that feature tunes by Bad Boy Bill, Central, Age and Phoenix Jig.

1. Bad Boy Bill – Acid Sexx

This is a record we got to know on a small trip we had to Canada where we met and played together with our friend Ref Reza in a basement in Toronto. He’s a great DJ and played this one during his set at the party. Nice party tune.

2. Subhead – Bread N’ Drippin

This tracks sounds like some silly conversation between two cartoon characters, and has been a big inspiration for us recently.

3. Juan Blanco – Cirkus Toccata

Alfred picked this record up in a local record store called Insula.

4. Phoenix Jig ‎– Parallel Of Dreams

Trancey Tech-house meets Eighties synthpop in perfect form. An all-time favorite of Popmix, who is releasing the next record on Axces.

5. Shiver – Nightshift

Erik Van den Broek is an unsung techno hero, and produced a lot of sublime music under a number of different aliases. We have been playing this one quite a lot. It has the perfect nightclub vibe with quirky undertones.

6. Morganistic – Morganistic

Luke slater doing the most twisted and and funky techno on the coolest label of them all, Irdial Discs.

7. Bushwacka – Untitled (Plus +)

In our opinion the best track Leo Bushwacka has ever done. Yet again this is pretty genre bending and introduces a somewhat funky lead solo in the middle of a banging techno track.

8. Age – Lichtspruch

Sounds like a Rayman 1 excursion. one of the courses where a giant stoneman is running to catch you.

9. Central – Gratitude

One of the best tunes from the århus based monster producer DJ Central. Percussive rather crazily organized track.

10. Bjørn Torske – Kan Jeg Slippe?

A fantastic psychedelic drum trip by Bjørn Torske. This track has been an inspiration for a lot of the forthcoming Kasper Marott records.

Kasper Marott and Alfredo92’s Os To EP is out now on Axces.

Buy it here.

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