In Pictures: Rezzett at South London Gallery

London duo Rezzett have been taking their live set all through Europe over the course of this year. Last week, courtesy of RBMA and Thirty Three Thirty Three, they brought their rambunctious lo-fi techno to the quaint corner of South London Gallery’s Clore Studio with Nashiro Ukawa and Lighting Aiba on visuals and lighting. It was a display of techno at its most visceral and intriguing.

Upon entering, the Clore Studio was enshrouded in smoke, making for an oddly welcoming atmosphere. The performance opened with long spacious synths and high glistening overtones, but before long it was propelled with crunching kicks, flange effects and skitting hats into its full muscular form.

As the set meandered, what made it most enjoyable were the slight but noticeable changes. New sounds were not only easily discernible, but kept the music in a dynamic flux. Whereas at an all-nighter you might be subject to a quarter-hour of the same head-nodding kick, here new elements never waited too long before thrusting to the fore. At times they were colossal rumblings that, being trapped in such an intimate venue, were overwhelming in all the right ways.

Finally, the visuals and lighting were a complimentary addition. When the music pinged around the room, crowding it almost, the visuals were kept minimal. And as the set came full circle with the familiar drawn out synths from the start, detailed visuals of space plains intrigued and calmed the audience.

Although finishing at 9pm and having only lasted an hour, Rezzett managed to pack a considerable amount of diversity and energy into it – a sign of a refined and winning performance.

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ss_161019_003-with-rezzett-4999 ss_161019_003-with-rezzett-5064

Words: Joe Mills

Images: Steve Stills

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