In Pictures: Locked Groove’s Tour Diary

Having emerged from the dubstep scene with a lack of preconceptions, Belgian-born & Berlin-based artist Locked Groove is anything but as predictable as his namesake suggests. Debuting with the mighty Rooted EP via Scuba’s Hotflush label in 2012, Tim Van de Meutter’s Locked Groove alias has touched upon a series of global house and techno styles, refusing to settle and evolving with each opportunity.

Sharing qualities from classic Chicago anthems and raw industrial jams both in his productions and DJ sets, Locked Groove has seen a series of acclaimed releases via a string of EPs on the likes of Hotflush, Tiga’s Turbo imprint, Life and Death, Afterlife, his eponymous label Locked Groove records and most recently Kompakt’s sub-label Speicher.

Having just toured in both China and Australia, we kindly asked Locked Groove to take a camera with him to document his travels. Choosing not to photograph the clubs he played, the Belgian producer instead gives us insight into his day-to-day journeys and the memorable experiences he encountered.

Locked Groove on his diary:

Remember those endless slideshows you had to sit through as a kid?  Usually, a family member went on holiday and they insisted on showing you every step they took on their holiday, in the form of a soul killing power point presentation.

This is kind of the same. I’ll try to make it somewhat more interesting though, promise. I also specifically chose to not show you pictures of clubs and parties. Not because they weren’t great, but because everyone has seen the inside of a club (I think). I wanted to give you an idea of the general vibe and the amazing places i got to visit.


1. First stop on the tour, the city of Guangzhou. The first thing I notice exiting the airport is the intense heath and humidity. After a 40 min drive and a well needed coffee stop I arrive in my hotel. This is the view from my room. It’s everything Guangzhou is not. Peaceful. My first impression of the city is that it’s full of energy and movement. An impression that was later confirmed at the party.

Locked Groove 1

2. A little security checkpoint in front of the restaurant. I can’t even fathom what it must be like sitting here. Day in day out, pressing a button to let cars through. That being said, I never saw anyone in the booth.

LG 2

3. One of the more adventurous things I’ve eaten on this trip. Cooked chicken feet. It’s a lot more tasty than it looks. Trust me on this.

LG 3

4. On the way to the club, the bars in the taxi are kind of freaking me out, luckily its only a 5 minute drive.

LG 4


5.   This is the only picture i was able to take worth mentioning in Beijing, the buildings here are crazy, its a weird mix between old stuff, and massive structures.

LG 5


Sydney is where I spent most of my time on this tour. The first couple of days I stayed about 30 km outside of the city and after that I moved the party to the centre for 2 days.

6. Westhead, after an 11 hour flight from Beijing to Sydney, watching a sunset like this is definitely a treat. Its definitely a huge contrast. Coming from the hustle and bustle in Beijing to this serene place.

LG 6

7. Time to check out the northern beaches, sadly it’s winter here so it’s too cold to go swimming, although there are loads of people surfing. I just decide to watch.

LG 7

8. After two days of relaxing I get a bit restless and decide to take the ferry into town, seeing the Sydney opera never gets old.

LG 8

9. Arrived in the centre, slept in and decided to go for a walk, which quickly turned into a 15 km trek…After about an hour I find myself in a parallel universe, Newtown. If you like the ’60s midwest and pastel colours, this is the place for you.

LG 9

10. I had to stop for a while and just admire the view for a couple of minutes here, even though it’s getting a bit cold it’s worth it. 
Off to Melbourne, where I sadly didn’t take any pictures. At this time the jet lag was really getting to me and I really couldn’t get myself to go out and take pictures.

LG 10

Locked Groove’s Dawn is out now on Kompakt Records. Order it here

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