In Pictures : DJ Aakmael’s tour diary

Up next for our In Pictures feature, we have the legendary DJ Aakmael. The pioneering producer has continued to be a staple part of the deep house scene and his smooth take on that traditional Chicago sound has led the man to release on labels such as Church, Monologues Records and his personally formed Unxpozd Entertainment.

Aakmael’s production seems to float between soft, jazz piano melodies and stripped back rhythmic cuts to form a unique yet also traditional tale of America’s deep house scene. His forthcoming release on Scissor and Thread portrays Aakmael’s 20 odd years of experience as a DJ, producer and radio host and shows his eclectic musical knowledge when it comes to producing.

Having just carried out his debut European tour, we kindly asked DJ Aakmael to take a camera on his travels and document his journeys. Aakmael decided not to specifically focus on the inside of the club but instead took a look at the cities he got to explore and the vibrant experiences he collected throughout his time in Budapest and Berlin.


1. On my first walk through Budapest I came across the Liberty Bridge, one of the many bridges of Budapest. The area was very quiet even in the daytime, as the people were very serene.


2. Across the street from the hotel was the Metro train station, also a few small shops with books and various fruits. This book vendor also had a crate of records that I thumbed through, with Hungarian artists I’d never heard of. Quite interesting!

Dj Aakmael dj tour

3. Far away picture of the Liberty Statue, a great part of the history of Budapest!

Dj Aakmale tour photo 2

4. While out taking in the scene, I noticed across the river Buda Castle. I had heard about Dracula being imprisoned here at some point which immediately ignited my curiosity. I should have taken a tour, but didn’t get a chance to make it there 🙁


5. This is a nice inside peek at Budapest’s Central Market Hall! This place is like a mega tourist spot with products ranging from post cards, homemade sausages and other meats, various liquors, crafts, eateries and even an Aldi grocery downstairs. I went here twice 🙂

Dj Aakmael tour photo 4

6. One of the vendors inside the market.

Dj Aakmael photo 5

7. Night time in Budapest is full of lights and illuminated structures! I forget what this was, maybe the parliament building?

Dj Aakmael tour photo 6

8. This is the entrance to the venue where Frances and I played. The Faklya Klub looks like a school converted to a club, has a large room and pretty cool sound system! Police even had to come because music was too loud lol

Dj Aakmael photo tour 7

9. This is the restaurant where we had dinner. I forget the name, but it was very purple and very nice inside. The food and service here are top notch!

Dj Aakmael photo tour


1.  Snapped this pic from inside the car, first pic taken in Berlin. The architecture here is wonderful and classic.

Dj Aakmael Photo Tour

2. Next picture taken from inside the car of a piece of the Berlin Wall! We were on the way to the club from airport so had no time to stop.

Dj Aakmael photo tour

DJ Aakmael’s Take it Back EP is out November 17 on Scissor & Thread. Pre order it here 

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