Immerse yourself in the cyber-futurism of Pixelord’s ‘Gear Soul’

‘Gear Soul’ is an exhilarating slab of forward-thinking bass.

Alexey Devyanin, aka Pixelord is one of the rising stars of Russia’s electronic music spectrum, his sound – a fusion of garage, footwork and grime, and built from a love of “old computers and systems” – has seen him gain considerable acclaim in recent years. Having toured extensively across the world, as well as racking up releases across the board on Infinite Machine, Leisure System and Civil Music, Devyanin’s profile as a cornerstone of his nation’s burgeoning club scene has been firmly cemented.

On September 23, Pixelord is set to bring his experimental genre-fusion to new LP Human.exe on Hyperboloid Records – merging IDM and futuristic beats into a sequence of conceptual soundscapes. The release’s duality between abrasion and melody is well reflected in its concept, as Devyanin explains: “Human.exe’ is about a robot who wants to be a human but still he is a program, an exe file”.

Opening track ‘Gear Soul’ is a perfect example of the album’s duality, opening with a thickly layered wall of melody built from interlinked streams of chiming synths and crawling LFOs. It later morphs into a corridor of bassy reverberation, channelling the track’s tonal centre to conclude with an industrial D&B template.

Human.exe will be out through vinyl and digital outlets September 23rd on Hyberboloid Records, pre-order your copy here.

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