Hyroglifics and Sinistarr discuss their new collab for Hooversound

Ahead of their first release together for Sherelle and Naina’s Hooversound Recordings, we sat down with Hyroglifics and Sinistarr to discuss their new record.

With Naina holding down a residency at Reprezent radio and Sherelle having delivered one of the most hyper Boiler Room sessions to date, the news that the pair were starting a label has been met with widespread excitement. Their new London based operation, Hooversound Recordings, is ready to kick things off with the huge opening statement that is BS6 from Hyroglifics and Sinistarr.

Hyroglifics and Sinistarr are two names that have become notorious in the international underground scene. Both are held in high regard, producing club driven stompers sitting in the higher, 160bpm areas for several veritable club music institutions. Sinistarr with Exit Records, Hospital and Metalheadz, whilst Hyroglifics with Critical, Astrophonica and 1985 Music.

BS6 consists of two collaborative tracks, with a solo track from each artist and a remix from Hyp favourite Scratcha DVA. The record does exactly what you want it to, it bangs. The pair pull no punches and deliver in style with thundering drums, gut trembling subs and stabbing abrasive sampling that nods toward ghettotech, Jersey and Baltimore club sounds.

Ahead of the March 13th release of BS6 we got the low down from Hyroglifics and Sinistarr themselves.

How did you both get your start in producing?

J (Sinistarr): I started in when I was 17 in high school just outside of Detroit in 2003; I saw some
friends playing live keys with Fruity Loops on his computer at an event once and and I got immediately intrigued. A year later I got to writing music of my own on and off and learning various DAWs that I could feel comfortable making music with and really started writing seriously in 2006 until I got my first record released in 2007.

M (Hyroglifics): Downloaded a cracked copy of FL when I was in school using my parents Acer laptop and built up from there. Watching thousands of YouTube tutorials too.

Have either of you had much experience working collaboratively in the past?

M: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of collaborations over the years, always more interesting results compared to working on your own.

J: Quite a bit! I’ve had records out for 13 years now and most are solo, but I’d say more now in the second half of those years I’ve teamed up with quite a few people to some excellent results. I think Grimm from Toronto and Greazus from Vancouver are the two I’ve collaborated with overall.

How did you two start working together? You are both based on opposite sides of the
atlantic, what was the process like? What are the similarities and differences between the
way you work?

M: We met in Denver in 2018 before a show we were doing together with Recon D&B @ The infamous Black Box. Floated the idea after the show, but took us until 2019 to actually get some things together. I think I sent him the original ideas and he expanded on them. Sent them back and then I mixed them down.

J: Matt (Hyroglifics) hit me up with a few ideas and I ran with them, flipping the arrangements and added and subtracted sounds as usual, then I sent it back wrapped them up, simple as that. It all flowed very easily, especially upon hearing the initial project – It’s much easier to get some good thoughts down when the initial idea is dope. It’s a matter of pushing it as far as we can go creatively, and thanks to services like Dropbox and such we can pass those ideas and other adjustments along to each other really quickly.

Did you have a particular sound in mind when you started working together, or did it
come about as you worked?

J: I first heard ‘BS6’ when Matt sent me the first draft, it sounded like ghettotech, the style of music from my hometown of Detroit – so I made something that was a cross between that style and grime and I turned it into that idea. “Turn Up” was similar, but more leaned towards jungle and more East Coast US sounds like Jersey and Baltimore club. For me, a lot of the new 160 sounds popping up are hybrids of a lot of older styles of club music I grew up listening to so stateside in the 90s and 00s so it’s exciting to see what people are getting away with right now to get the floor moving.

M: BS6 was definitely heavily influenced by ghettotech, so getting J involved was a no brainer. He knew where to take the idea for sure. Turn Up was more influenced by baltimore / jersey club. Think the kick pattern in this tune gives this it’s feeling.

How did you get in contact with Sherelle and Naina? What’s it been like working with

M: We saw they were looking for tunes for their new label and had these demos sitting around so thought why not send them over.

J: Sherelle hit me up in 2018 to record a mix for her Reprezent show and we’ve been in touch since then. I met Naina not too long after that, sending some tunes to her every now and then, and now for the label.

How did you feel when they asked you to launch their label?

J: Oh I was definitely excited when I got the news!! I’m on a new path musically, making some new styles and tempos (especially 160) in the club music realm of things, so I’d say the meeting of minds was quite timely. It’s also exciting to see these two young women crush it with the label and as excellent dj’s flying the flag as the new faces of London’s dance scene. As for me — it’s yet another W for Detroit over here haha!

M: They were pretty quick to respond saying they were into them, and is quite cool to be the first EP on their new imprint, hyped to see where they take it from here!

Do you think we will get any more collaborative work from the two of you together?

M: Definitely keen to work on a few more tunes!

J: Yea totally, if he’s up for it :p jokes but it seems we work well so yea, I don’t doubt it.

What have you both got on the horizon for 2020?

J: I have about 4 remixes on their way out with artists across the board and a lot of originals that I can’t talk about at this very moment, so I’ll leave it at that – there’s a lot on the way, so definitely watch my socials to find out. I’ll be at South By Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas this year, my 6th year down there (shouts Freshmoon and Peligrosa) and I’m in the stages of booking for the next seasons ahead, so definitely holler, thank you!

M: Finishing off several EP’s I’ve had since the tail end of last year for various labels. Hoping to
get back out to the US/Canada in the summer and Australia / NZ in December.

Thank you!

BS6 drops March 13th via Hooversound Recordings.

Pre-order it here.

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