Hyperdub’s Loraine James in 10 records

One of the most interesting figures to recently emerge from the land of experimentalism, Loraine James is the electronic producer, live performer and keyboard player that hails from North London.

With a stack of influences and ideas, Loraine takes cues from the worlds of IDM, jazz, ambience and trip-hop. Yet through her unconventional production methods and desire to explore the new, Loraine remains hard to pigeonhole, so it’s fitting that she’s recently found a home on Hyperdub, one of the UK’s most eccentric labels.

Last making noise with Button Mashing, a killer four-track EP of scatty dancefloor workouts via New York Haunted, Loraine also recently won an Oram Award, a celebrated platform that recognises talented creators innovating in music.

Catching up with Loraine ahead of her live gig for London event series Resolution, we requested she attempt to narrow down her sound identity and musical growth via 10 tracks. Pulling for Squarepusher, Lusine, Limp Bizkit and more, check out all of her selections below.

1. Dntel – Anywhere Anyone

Dntel was one of the first electronic artists I started to listen to when I was about 15 through listening to Death Cab for Cutie for a years. This song just always take me somewhere else.

2. Baths – Lovely Bloodflow

Baths was an artist I found through him featuring on Dntel’s album, Aimlessness. I love how every album or project is different from the last.

3. Telefon Tel Aviv – Fahrenheit Fair Enough

TTA have had a massive influence one me, especially on my first album, Detail. Was a luxury to see TTA at the Jazz Cafe a few years ago.

4. Lusine – Caught In The Middle

Under his Lusine ICL moniker, Language Barrier is my favourite ambient album of all time. Timeless and beautiful.

5. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Aphex Twin, Nuff Said.

6. Spuarepusher – Beep Street

Man that drum sample, timeless record.

7. Deftones – Be Quiet And Drive

Used to try and sing this song lol. Chino inspires me vocally – when I have sung. Their music is calm and relaxing and haunting at the same time. One of my favourite bands.

8. Limp Bizkit – Boiler

Everyone loves and hates Limp Bizkit, but I’ve always loved them. They were one of the first rock bands I ever got into.

9. Linkin Park – A Place For My Head

Were the first rock band I got into. Still find it really hard to listen to them since Chester’s passing.

10. Paramore – That’s What You Get

The first snare just gets me every time, I remember rewinding that part countless times. Was obsessed with them in secondary school.

Catch Loraine James at Venue MOT Unit 18 alongside Minor Science, Will Lister and Alexis on July 19.

More info and tickets here.

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