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Over the past few years we’ve become pretty used to seeing enviably talented youngsters emerge in the world of music production. Some who were still revising for their GCSE’s, enrolling on BTEC Music Tech college courses, or chilling at Kindergarten, in the case of 4 year-old KJ. Some never quite live up to the initial hype laid on their youthful shoulders, but it’s pretty easy to spot the ones who have the minerals to go all the way.

I suppose this would be a good point in which to introduce the latest addition to our mixtape series, 17-year old Iglooghost. I stumbled across his music on a mission-less morning quest across social media and was instantly hooked. Whether it’s the inescapable ‘peanut_smoker (raja.ram)’ or the dangerously vibrant ‘Cave Boots’, this kid just reels you in with his beats. Yeah, sure, you can list a number of LA cats that he draws influence from, but he’s the first to admit he got into making music by imitating FlyLo. However, his forthcoming EP on Error Broadcast show’s a 17-year old putting his own lick on the beat world and we see no reason why this kid can’t go on sit at the top of the pile with the likes of Knxledge, Samiyam and Mndsgn. High praise indeed.

After putting out his latest mixtape ‘SEWER_RAP’ alongside pal Cow Yote we got in touch with the boy to talk about youth culture, hip-hop culture, forthcoming projects and camp Brainfeeder showing him love.

He also made a killer mix for us which you can stream below (he designed the artwork).

Yes boss. Could you introduce yourself please? We hear you’re quite young and live in the middle of nowhere?

Ello there. I’m a young lad that makes sounds under the name iglooghost. I turned 17 in the Summer.. which is shit in a way because being a 16 year old music boy made everything sound impressive. Maybe it’ll mean I’ll have to try harder. When I turn 18 I need to get proper good I guess. But yer I’m from a shithole about an hour and a bit away from Bristol. That’s pretty much the closest I am to real civilisation.

Are you at 6th form/college/on the dole?

College doing Graphic Design. I gon and dun do the pictures.

Your music draws obvious comparisons to Flying Lotus, Knxledge, Mndsgn and the LA Beats scene in general – when did you first discover this music?

I think about when I was 14 or so technically. It all started with Flylo’s Reset EP. To this day I cannot remember how that record turned up inside my iTunes. I vibed with it but I never realised how game changing that EP would be to me later on. When I was about 15 I remember listening to The Pharcyde thinking “damn hip-hop is cool. I wish there was 8-bit hip-hop.” About a month later I discovered that to some degree that had been a scene in places like LA and SF for a long time. It blew my mind.

What was it about the Reset EP that was so game changing for you?

Urrr well I mean I think for about a year and a half I was heavy into boom bap New York type stuff. I got pretty deep into that, like I was ripping rare freestyles from bootleg recordings of the W Stretch and Bobbito show. I do love that shit but I reckon there’s a bit of a conservative vibe about it. Like you can only get so far before you’ve heard it all. I got pretty bored of hearing some rhodes sample over the same drum break after a bit and then I relistened to that Reset EP and I was like.. ok I just realised hip-hop (even though it’s only loosely hip-hop) can get fucking weird and great. I don’t think it’s the lad’s best work by any stretch but shit it really is something.

Have you had anyone you look up to in this world contact you or compliment your music?

Yar man. Matthewdavid from Brainfeeder who’s been a big figure for me personally hit me up about my first tape ‘Summer’ this year and it was the best shit ever. I’ve heard that a few LA heads like Busdriver’s been vibing with some of my stuff as well. Too good.

What sort of music do you like outside of the Hip-Hop/beat world?

Ar man. I dunno where to even begin. I’m a giant Warp goon, I think I got mostly everything they got out as a label in some form. I’m heavy into ambient shit of the droney persuasion. Recently I been digging up weird rap cassettes from 90’s Houston. Shit ranges from hilarious to terrifying. I’m deep into lo-fi garage rock as well.

Could you fire over a few names that you’re into at the moment?

Yer yer. I’ve been mostly on this weird early 2000s German IDM off this label called Morr Music. It’s so fucking ahead of its time it’s unreal. When I say IDM I don’t mean like coked up glitchy stuff, it’s real minimal and twinkly. That new Tim Hecker LP is good. Four Tet, Mount Eerie, Burger Records, Tempz, Ratking, Pixies, Gucci Mane, dunno a lot of shit that probably doesn’t complement eachother hahaha.

What would feature in your top 3 Warp Records of all time?

Christ. Like.. unfortunately there would be at least 2 Flylo LPs in there, so with no Flylo it would maybe be:

1. Drukqs – Aphex Twin
2. The Future Crayon – Broadcast
3. Geogaddi – Boards Of Canada

That hurt my soul. Fuck. Soon after that would be some stuff by Savath y Savalas which is this trippy ambient Latin side project by Prefuse 73. It’s mad.

Iglooghost mix and interview

As you’re young, it’d be cool to talk about the Internet and Hip-Hop culture. We interviewed Afrika Bambaataa recently, a figure that obviously continues to champion Hip-Hop culture to this day. Do you still feel the need to get out and experience music culture; go to a gig, go to a record shop, or does the Internet replace some of that today? I’d be interested to hear some of your views on the whole digital vs. physical thing.

Gotta give it to the Bambaataa. Planet Rock for days. But yeah, that’s a biggun. Being from an isolated muggy town I value the internet so much. No gigs here unless you’re down for watching a bunch of tossers whack out some naff post-hardcore. That said, I’d trade the internet for a real scene any day. I don’t feel like the internet’s replaced real scenes in any way, it’s more of an addition. Now the kids who got fucked over location-wise can make conceptual mormon reggae record with a bloke from Glasgow. It’s perfect. It’s just progression to me.

Being below 18 often poses problems for young chaps like yourself getting into gigs or even to gigs you’re playing at. Have you had any – or know of – any of these sorts of problems?

The more I think about it the more I think I understand why clubs put an 18+ thing on gigs. Having a bunch of kids drinking coke probably makes you feel like less of a badman. I heard the XXYYXX dude one time had to do a gig at a club and wait in his dressing room after he’d finished because he was like 17 at the time. It’s weird.

What do you think of the current state of Teen/Youth culture? We think it’s pretty shit by comparison of previous generations, would you agree?

It’s fucking shit to be frank. There aren’t many cultural boundries to break down like the generations before had to do with things like punk and rockabilly etc so we’ve sort of gotta work with more ‘visual’ movements. In the end you’ve got these vain kids dressed like wankers for no reason. You get all these half arsed Tumblr movements like Seapunk and Witch House or whatevever that are just embarrasing for everyone involved. Eventually industry people pick up on it and try and make some guap so the Tumblr kids move on to something even more forced and contrived. You heard of Fruitpunk? That’s a thing. I’ll say no more.

Have you spent much time in the trendy areas of East London? I’ve seen a few Seapunks around but I’m not so sure about Fruitpunks, what should I be looking for?

Hahahaha, Fruitpunk isn’t that much of a thing. I’m fucking with ya. Well. It’s enough of a thing to have like 56 likes of Facebook. East London is wank from what I’ve seen. Looks like a lot of middle class white demons who are really aware that they’ve gentrified and fucked up a poorer bit of London so they hide their shame in ironic Bart Simpson jumpsuits. Maybe. I heard like the trendy bit is different every year or something cus the lads from Essex and that chase the Shoreditch twats about and ruin the night life. Right now Peckham is the cool bit I’m told. This is an open message for everyone to ruin Peckham’s night life.

You been paying much attention to this Paxman / Russel Brand stuff? Thoughts?

Hahahaha it’s whatever. I agree with him fundamentally but when I saw this lass from school like a page called ‘Russel’s Revolution’ on Facebook that was the final straw. The cover photo to the page was Brand looking all profound with text over it that said ‘join us’ or some shit. It looked like a cult. Nobody quite understood what he was trying to get across in that interview. You get a lot of kids who don’t vote, but unlike Brand’s sort of tactical non-voting that I agree with myself, it’s just because they don’t give a shit. So I guess this whole thing is just the mugs going ‘Oh yeah! That’s exactly why I don’t vote as well! Yeah! I thought that all along!’ I sound like a grumpy twat. I hope something happens.

Traditionally people involved with Hip-Hop roll in crews. We know about Cow Yote who raps on some of your stuff. Is Cow Yote from your neck of the woods? Who else gets down with iglooghost?

I mess about with this crew that isn’t quite a thing yet called Catch Wreck. We got some stuff coming. Cow is this lad I’ve been making stuff with for a while. Like me he barely has anything out. He’s changing his name and deleting his Soundcloud every week it seems like. I think it’s cool. He doesn’t give a shit. I’m pals with the rapper Milo, we got a lot of material together that isn’t out. I’m about to get some stuff done with Open Mike Eagle, a fella from Pro Era (Joey Bada$$’ crew) and some breddas that I probably shouldn’t name just yet cus it’s not 100 set in stone. This EP I’m dropping on Error Broadcast Records is gonna have some handsome features doe.

Looking forward. How did the link-up with Open Mike Eagle come about?

I’m still buzzing off that no bullshit. Uh I dunno I got them Hellfyre Club links because of Milo I guess. He’s on me and Milo’s record so I hit him up the other week and he was 100% up for hopping on this thing I’m making. It’s cool. I’ve been listening to him for a while. My dad likes him. That’s a thing. I got some stuff in the brewer with this laddy from London called Loyle Carner. He’s on that Rejjie Snow EP I think. He’s tight. The way he rides beats reminds me of like old G-Funk in a way.

You’ve just released a new 20 min rap song with Cow Yote on Bandcamp, tell us about that…

Hahaha oh yes. It’s called SEWER_RAP. It’s this long rap song that contains about 14 small rap songs. I lowkey rap for about 8 percievable seconds as well. I hope people will fuck with it. It’s hella lo-fi and abstract. Like songs are cutting off and merging into other songs and it all sorta throws you off. It’s stitched together as if you’re flicking through a bunch of radio stations in some sorta parallel universe 90’s New York. It’s got this real filthy abrasive sound.

More releases in the pipeline?

Yeh yeh yeh. I’ve always got slightly too many releases in the works hahaha. Uh the big one is an EP called Treetunnels that’s getting dropped through Error Broadcast Records. Shouts to Memotone and Soosh for being an utterly legendary pair of lads. It’s gonna be around half an hour of material with some silky features from rappers who I’ve been listening to for a while. Hopefully a cassette release. Other than that, I got this giant LP me and Milo have been working on since about April. We’re trying to get that out 2014. Bits and bobs. Tryna get as many tapes out as possible. Then obviously an album of my own at some point. Werhay.

Your style of music has an air of ‘Brainfeeder’ to it. Would you say you aspire to release music on a label like this and to become as big as someone like Flying Lotus?

That’s the dream duder. I don’t wanna jinx it either way. Flylo is my musical dad tho. I’m the dude who rips 30 second snippets from obscure sets he’s done like 5 years ago. I’m a stan. If I get real recognition from the man himself I’ll flip. I’ll do a backflip off my house and damage my neck. Hopefully he never hits me up because it’s gonna fuck up my neck.

Words: Josh Thomas

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