Hyp 145: J.Phlip

Originating from the superbly named town of Champaign, Illinois ( 2 hours south of Chicago ), Jessica Rose Phillippe has developed into an integral component of one of House Music’s most popular labels: Dirtybird. Signing to the San Franciscan label in 2008, Phillippe quickly demonstrated a propensity to get backsides moving, with meaty cuts like ‘Rumble, Rumble’ and ‘Droppin Bomz On Yer Momz’ sounding like suitable agents for the label’s party starting mission statement. Whilst 2013 see’s her continuing to spread the Dirtybird love around the world she also has a less predictable side to her musical tastes, which she was keen to express on Hyp 145. Her discography thus far probably wouldn’t lead you to expect a mix laden with gems from Autechre, Deerhunter and James Blake, but Phillippe masterfully defies expectations here, delivering a listening experience that is as soothing and meditative as it is developing and engrossing.

We caught up with Phillippe in the middle of her US tour to talk Dirtybird, straying outside genre lines and the thinking behind Hyp 145. Enjoy.

You’re part of the Dirty Bird family, how did you get involved with Claude Von Stroke?

I met him and the whole OG Dirtybird crew in Miami during WMC in 2005.

You’re touring around America at the moment, how’s it going?

My shows in America have been incredible! I really couldn’t be happier. Love my fans and love the vibes at the parties.  I have the best feeling inside after every show.  So much fun happening in North America right now (ya that includes Canada!)

Who had the biggest influence on the way you approach music?

I guess Justin Martin has had a big influence on how i approach music, but even more so how I approach this life in music – living as a touring DJ and everything that goes along with it. He always has his head on straight and helps me through confusing moments. He’s a great friend – I probably would have lost my way if it weren’t for him. Barclay ( Claude Von Stroke ) has given me so much great advice as well for producing and just life and shit.

I can’t really pinpoint one major musical influence – I’m influenced by many – and also by myself. Trial and error.  A lot of this stuff… well… sometimes you just gotta learn it the hard way.


Who/what are some of your main influences outside of electronic music?

Well actually i listen to so much non-electronic music – and its all probably having some sort of influence on me. The list of artists is so massive i don’t even know where to start. I have made some mixes of this kind of music so if you really wanna know you can hear for yourself…




Analogue or digital, or both?

Having fun with analogue lately but both are good for different reasons. End result is what really matters.

Do you still buy vinyl? If so, which are some of your favourite stores?

Ya. In Berlin I love Oye Records and Spacehall.  Gramophone in Chicago. Haven’t had a chance to shop in London yet but I’d like to check out Phonica. Berlin has the best record shops though.

You’ve got a bit of a different take on house rather than the straight forward 4/4, do you think it’s important to stray from the norm?

I think its boring to not stray from the norm. Sooo booorriinnnggg.

557989_600782989944244_640440848_nYou’ve lived both in the US and Europe, how do the two compare in terms of clubbing? Which do you prefer?

Honestly I love the US right now – but that’s just because I have a much better fan base there. I just wish they would put their damn cell phone video cameras away! I got annoyed and got my phone out at a gig recently and started recording them and it totally backfired and they cheered. Whoops. Some of the US clubbers need to forget about those phones and just get into it because its messing up the vibe of the party.

Its tough to analyze the differences between Europe and US – even different countries in Europe are very different. The Dirtybird sound borderlines so many genre’s and types of parties and crowds – its nearly impossible for me to compare countries when all my shows everywhere cover such a massive spectrum of “clubbers.”

What’s the biggest track in your record bag / usb stick the moment?

Claude Von Stroke – ‘Dood’  and I’m not just saying that ‘cos he’s my friend… its Barclay getting all analogue wit it and that shit sounds sooooo PHAT on a good system!

What about a surefire dance floor hit, one that’s going to work at ANY time?

DJ Deeon – Da Horz (although I have played that shit like its going out of fashion – but I just can’t let it go – DJ Deeon 4 Lyfe)

How did you go about constructing this mix? Any overriding themes in it?

This is a non-dance mix. I’ve been wanting to make another one for a long time but its been hard to find the time, so thanks for giving me the motivation!

It ranges from experimental to Indie Rock to Ambient Punk to Icelandic “I dunno what you wanna call it” (that’s my favorite genre by the way)… its a combination of stuff I’ve been listening to a lot lately and stuff that I’ve wanted to put on a mix for years now and stuff that I have had the pleasure of seeing live recently. Old favorites and new favorites and a touch of weirdness. I forgot how much I love making these kinds of mixes…

My philosophy with my chilled out mixes is that it can be loose and even dissonant at moments.Some of the songs are dissonant by themselves – so I don’t see why a blend absolutely has to be in key. Some of them are of course – but some of them I think sound cool with the dissonance they create.  and some tracks aren’t beatmatched… some are just layered and blended.

What are your plans for the near future?

20+ gigs opening for Claude VonStroke’s US album tour woo!!!  Just continuing on my journey to make people dance…..


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