Hyp 133: J.Tijn

London newcomer J.Tijn stormed onto the scene last year with “The Anti Mixdown”, a hardy piece of stripped-down and functional techno included on Turbo Recordings’ ‘New Jack Techno’ compilation, which featured other abrasive concoctions from the likes of Gingy & Bordello, Nautillus and Scottish duo Clouds, whos album launch party we’ll be hosting this coming Saturday alongside Tessela, J.Tijn and the elusive Ore.

Following a string of remixes for Gingy & Bordello and Zombie Nation on Turbo, Ego Troopers & Sound Of Stereo on Blood Music, and Audionite on Boysnoize Records, he was chosen by Untold for the debut release on his Pennyroyal label, a new imprint with the sole purpose of putting out rough-n-ready techno experiments. The rest of the year is shaping up to be break through period for the producer with exciting announcements to be made in the coming months.

Ahead of his set this Saturday we’ve invited him to mix Hyp 133 (see below), an hours worth of UK-focussed (mainly unreleased) house and techno which acts as a nice introduction to anyone unfamiliar with his work or a further insight for people wanting to know more. We also tracked him for a quick chat on his background, passions and future endeavours.


How did the relationship with Untold and Pennyroyal come about?

Jack heard my track on “New Jack Techno” last year and got in touch. After that I started sending him a pack of tunes at the end of every month. In Dec/Jan he told me about this idea he had for a new label, which I thought was really cool, so we just took it from there.

What drew you to produce Techno? Have you always been that way inclined?

Not at all, I started off making grime in about 06/07, then moved on to Dubstep. In 2009 Techno ideas started seeping into my Dubstep, gradually techno just took over. It was more melodic/deep stuff at first, I didn’t really start making hard stuff until 2011/2012.

What’s your opinion on the Techno scene in London/UK at the moment?

Really really strong at the moment. There’s a lot of people in the UK that are into Techno now that weren’t 2 years ago, and many of them have a different take on it which helps to keep things interesting.

Do you find yourself taking influence from other artists and genres? Or do you tend to keep yourself focused on what YOU’RE doing?

I think it’s impossible not to take influence from other artists/genres in some way or another. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sonic thing, it could be an aesthetic/approach/theme anything really.

Could you give us some examples of this?
I think the most obvious example is the d.i.y attitude evident in Punk music that you can also see in some house/techno today. On a personal level, I think there’s some parallels between how I make techno and how I like my grime.

Do you see yourself as more of a DJ or producer?

I love DJing but I don’t do it anywhere near as much as making tracks so yeah, I’d have to say producer.

Do you have any other passions in life other than music?

Yeah, I’m a Christian so that’s a huge part of my life. Love my football aswell.

I read about a guy called Simcha Hochman who uses techno music to spread the word of Hasidic Judaism in Israel. He believes music and dancing to this music can bring people closer to God. In your opinion – complete nutter? Or is he on to something?

He could be onto something, I can’t say I’ve ever connected the two myself though.

If you could co-ordinate it – how would you set up your perfect club vibe? i.e. lighting, smoke etc…

As little light and smoke as possible, haha.

What we expect from you at album launch on the 15th?

Kick drums & Red Bull

Can you tell us a bit about your mix for us, what was the approach?

It’s quite a varied mix, gets pretty hard towards the end. All the tracks are by UK guys which was a kind of cool accident. Initially I wanted to do it half an hour house-half an hour techno, as opposed to just banging it down for an hour, but it didn’t quite end up that way…

What are your plans for the near future?

There’s a few remixes, the first of which is for Randomer on Turbo. Following those will be a new EP in the second half of the year.

Track list:
01. West Norwood Cassette Library – Innervisions – Unreleased
02. Leon Vynehall – Brother – Aus Music
03. R.I.P Productions – Obsessed – Ice Cream
04. Vince Watson – ??? (Paul Woolford remix) – ???
05. SLS – Into The Groove (J. Tijn edit) – Unreleased
06. Female – Untitled – Downwards
07. JoeFarr – Tape 6 – Unreleased
08. Guy Andrews – Fixture – FINA
09. J. Tijn – Cunning – Unreleased
10. Metrist – Yuley Sea’s – Unreleased
11. Paul Mac – 92 Way of Acid – Unreleased
12. J. Tijn – Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub – WNCL Recordings
13. Regis – Speak To Me – Downwards
14. Randomer – No Hook – Turbo
15. Francis Xavier – We Got It (J. Tijn remix) – Motorik!
16. Happa – Sanity is Statistical – Unreleased
17. Omen’s Jot – Hulk Cock – Ampoule
18. Surgeon – Set One (Version II) – Tresor
19. Witch – Krups – Unreleased

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