Hyetal: 10 Videos bookmarked for inspiration

Emerging out of the Bristol dubstep scene in the late noughties, Hyetal’s 2011 debut album on Black Acre saw him push the parameters of the genre, evolving his sonic palette by entering a cinematic world as much inspired by John Carpenter and Prince as bass music.

2013’s Modern Worship on True Panther Sounds saw him continue this journey further, with colourful analogue textures and dreamy vocals creating twisted synth pop experiments and soundscapes that nodded to dance floors across the ages.

More recently Hyetal has been busy compiling his third LP in his South London home studio. Entitled Youth & Power, the album is said to complete his transformation from off-kilter dance music producer to futurist pop, scrapping samples in favour of live instrumentation with a record written to help him feel “connected again”, after previously stating his  music had always been rooted in escapism.

In anticipation of the release, we asked Hyetal to share with us some of videos he’s bookmarked for inspiration, from Sade’s take on songwriting to the classic scenes of 1955’s Night Hunter and Mike Tyson’s ring entrance…

1. Sade talks about songwriting 1993

I’ve always loved Sade’s music. Completely on point here.

2. Josiah McElheny: Beauty & Seduction

Josiah McElhney speaking about his work and the morality of making something beautiful.

3. Edge of the Wedge (1986)

I’ve been picking up the Dark Entries reissues of Severed Heads and Tom Ellard records. There’s a huge back catalogue of amazing music and ideas. This short doc of them in the the studio for Australian TV is great if you’ve run out of new sounds.

4. Mike Tyson Ring Entrance

The theatrics of boxing are the most interesting thing about it for me. This must have sounded incredible in the stadium.

5. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – HARAJUKU IYAHOI

This is perfectly executed pop music and way more interesting in general than a lot of sub culture experimental stuff.

6. The Cure – A Forest, first TV performance Dec 79

A really great early live version of one of my favourite Cure songs.

7. Genesis P’orridge


8. Tom Savini Master of Horror FX

I wanted to be a make up/ special effects guy when i was a kid. Tom Savini was my idol.

9. Surf’s Up (Brian Wilson solo, Autumn 1967)

A great version of this song, crazy to think it’s a demo. Beach Boys have been a constant source of inspiration for me since i first started listening to music.

10. The Night of the Hunter (1955) – River Boat Scene

One of my favourite films, everything about this scene is perfect to me.

Youth & Power is out October 27 on Other/other. Pre-order it here

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