Lemna: Influences

Emerging off a collaborative EP as Ourea alongside Sam KDC earlier this year, Japanese artist Maiko Okimoto, aka Lemna, creates polyrhythmic experimental techno generated by hostile atmospherics and machines tweaked to their most extremes.

Once a drum and bass MC, Lemna’s forthcoming debut solo EP comes again via the Berlin-based label Horo, whose continuously impressive releases have often bridged the gap between drum and bass and techno by exploring the textural similarities of both genres.

Urge Theory‘ much works in this manner, with a collection of fierce hypnotic polyrhythms that circle in the 170 region and make for almost paranoid listening, once again establishing Lemna’s unique style as a new identity for modern techno.

In celebration of her release, we asked Lemna to share with us some of the sounds that have shaped her musical journey, picking out the orchestral music of Daphnis et Chloé, Japanese punk rock band Mad Capsule Markets, Nils Frahm and more. Check below.

1. Nirvana – All Apologies

’90s alternative music is the core of my roots. Particularly, their music was my rock for so long (still now too).

2. The Mad Capsule Markets – Crack

Out of Japanese bands, I’d say they have made an impact on me the most. They were just cool at that time without any reason.

3. Ravel – Daphnis et Chloé

Daphnis et Chloé, especially Suite no. 2 still always makes me cry. Orchestral music has a huge power as it is a compilation of sounds that each players breathe life in to wholeheartedly express the intention of the composer. We can feel a story, and it’s perfect for a journey of the time axis.

4. Lúnasa – Aoibhneas

I have stayed in Ireland when I was young. I feel a little pathos in celtic scale and love it so much. This tune consists of three tunes. We can enjoy the rhythm changing from jig to reel very naturally. I don’t know why but I feel a strong attraction to compound or irregular meters.

5. Shpongle – Electroplasm

I got into electronic music through psychedelic trance at first. This tune is not just monotonous loop music. It’s very colourful and full of rich musical elements.

6. Jagged Edge – Rock Baby

There are too many good drum and bass tunes which I was affected by. I can’t choose one. But I have picked the first tune that I was into. I’m sure this bpm is my most favoured even now.

7. D-Bridge & Instra:mental ft Skream – Acacia Avenue

During my drum and bass journey, the appearance of autonomic was astounding. They broke the mold and started exploring new sounds and rhythms. It was a great influence on me.

8. Ulrich Schnauss – Monday Paracetamol

One of the electronic music producers I respect the most is Ulrich Schnauss. For me, the number of electronic music tunes I can listen repeatedly for long time is not so many, but this is one of my few all-time favourites. It’s not just mechanical music, I can feel a living emotion in it.

9. Nils Frahm – Ambre

There are so many great pianists that I like, but if I had to choose only one, Frahm is my favourite. His melody of refined sentiment touches a chord deep within.

10. Hans Zimmer – Inception OST

Hans Zimmer is one of the composers I really respect. His ingenious orchestration always touches my heart. Film music is like magic that manipulates human emotions. He has written so much evocative music, but among them, the score for Inception was especially impressive for me.

Lemna’s Urge Theory EP is out November 10 on Horo. Pre-order it here.

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